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My Encounter With Puppy Mills

Most people have heard talk of ‘puppy mills‘ but do you know what one is? I didn’t; I’m ashamed to say, not until 2009. So first, a quick brief on what puppy mills are…

The driving force behind puppy mills is greed, it’s all about money. The breeders do not care at all for the dogs well being. They house and breed dogs without food, water, minimal veterinary care (when they bother at all) and no socialization for the dogs.

They are kept in wire cages, overcrowded, and often stacked one on top of the other. The wires in these cages inflict pain and injury to their paws and legs; no comfort is given. Continue reading My Encounter With Puppy Mills

12/18/15 Dogs in URGENT NEED of Help

This is so important for precious animals, especially misjudged dogs whom can’t speak for themselves. Please share; this is urgent… Information on each dog in picture is below the photo on each dog. This is a retweet, links will take you to info on the dog rights facebook page… STOP THE KILLING!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 6.15.25 AM.png

CRITICAL!! These are the long timers at Cleveland County Animal Control in Shelby, NC. There are many bully faces in the mix, and most are dog friendly! The shelter has remained pretty much at capacity all week and these dogs could be the next lives lost if they euthanize for space. Please visit individual threads to learn more about each pup, leave your pledge promises there, and then SHARE everywhere!!! Help save these precious dogs before it’s too late!  (Info on these dogs below; PLEASE HELP!)
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Update on Louisiana Breed Ban aka Kill Date for Pit Bulls and Rottweilers

Part of the problem the village might need to instead address, Lemoine said, is properly enforcing the village’s leash ordinance rather than banning certain dogs.” – Article below. This should have been obvious, it is shaming these people are in any form of power. Leash laws are far more suitable than slaughter dogs!

I’m going to simply paste this article over. We have until December 8th to gather support and evidence to prove why this “Breed Ban” should not be allowed. Additionally, petition signatures (sign HERE) do help so please sign if you haven’t already.

Please make sure to get this to any and everyone with a dog in Moreauville, Louisiana, for they are the real hope here. As the article says,

“It is imperative that residents attend this meeting to be heard.  Officials have stated that they want to hear from residents specifically.”

The public meeting is set for Monday, December 1 at 5 p.m. at the Moreauville town hall.
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Truth About Pit Bulls & The Deception That’s Putting Them In Danger (P1)

It’s time! As noted in a previous post, there is one more addition to my activism now… So, besides Police Brutality, Prison, “War on Drugs”, etc I also will be writing about Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls in particular, trying to end the stigma. I want to warn anyone who is planning on reading this that it is full of facts, but I do apologize for the ending when I break out into a rant about the prison industry… But I can’t help it; they have the wrong people in, the wrong people are free to walk the streets; and dog fighting is still going on… Even more than that, though, is taking the blame and being used as the scapegoat are the innocent dogs.
pit bull lies truth facts
I can say with all honesty, nothing hurts my heart and soul more than seeing an innocent, defenseless or broken spirited soul either being hurt, previously hurt or fed up with living. I am extremely passionate about police brutality victims just as I am women who are verbally abused by zealots who ignore science and medicine (not to mention the concept of a woman having a life, or, giving a child a humane life). Those are only two issues that enrage me. Lies outrage me, and if you can handle reading the research, facts and statistics below, hopefully you’ll be just as out raged as I am.

Before we get into facts, let me introduce you to my Guardian… An escaped Pit Bull puppy, who was on her last legs when I found her. But I nursed her back to health, helped her overcome fears (see mini novel below and it’ll make sense) and now she is happy; not afraid to be an innocent, loved and semi spoiled dog; just as she should be. I am so anxious to get back home- she gives me a reason to smile, to wake up, to hope and laugh. She is a gift, and I love her, am grateful for her, more than I can say.

Note: Please ignore my doggy voice lmao (below)
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