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My Breakdown Watching Netflix Documentary 13

After watching the trailer, and proceeding inward to the documentary “13” I made this. I just don’t understand after everything I say, and everything I show, not just in this video but in all the information available…. No matter your background, facts are facts. And if you have a soul Black, Hispanic, white…this DOES matter.

I was watching just the trailer for the movie or documentary 13 on Netflix (now watching the full documentary) but there’s one scene that sparked a memory that I’ve never shared anybody really yet one that I refer to quite often in my videos. This is the story of the man Who will forever be a part of my soul the man that I saw suffocated by the police when I was about 14 an innocent, black man with narcolepsy suffocated… But it doesn’t stop there.

Back then I used to have a little hope. Hope that if everyone knew about this kind of stuff that I was working with on a national level every day -both public stories and confidential cases, NATIONALLY- I honestly believed that there would be a revolution of some form if these images were being displayed on TVs if the truth was put out there by the media. You must remember I was 14-ish at that time and did not realize the media and the government or one for profit media is never going to show you the truth and you shouldn’t have to have anyone say anything though. Just watching the imagery & just hearing the stories you should be able to make up your own mind and clearly see the obvious this would not be tolerated if it was happening to white people as a majority like it is to the Black community.

I understand my story does not have anything to do with prison per se. But it does have something to do with slavery and racism and the oversee year a.k.a. officer.

Architects, Engineers, Speak Out to Reveal Truth of 9/11 – Documentary

With 9/11 coming up, I am going to post the following video in hopes people will watch, listen and consider the evidence at hand. This video is not on government theory so much as structural and logical explanation of why the towers couldn’t have fallen based on what the mass media and government would have us believe. In this documentary experts in the fields of science, engineering and architecture will explain to you, in great detail, the reasons for the impossibilities in what has been told to us.  

“NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) claims they found no evidence for explosive demolition in the Twin Towers. Later, they admit that they never looked for it. How can you find what you are not looking for?… Architects, engineers, scientists, and many others looked for it, and it was not hard to find.” (See video below)

Addiction Should Be Met With Care; Not Punishment- Diary of a Heroin Addict Documentary

“Anyone who’s listening who fucking needs help, reach out and grab it, because it ain’t fucking easy, mate… ……Just fucking get help, just do something now, because it ain’t fucking gonna get better, mate. It ain’t gonna get better.” – Ben

As I continue to work on research and writing for an extensive report on drug addiction, heroin in particular, I feel I HAVE to post this documentary for many reasons, one is out of respect for the man behind it all. This is my absolute favorite documentary but at the same time, it is one of the most heartbreaking documentaries I’ve ever seen. If you or someone you love is addicted; especially to heroin, please, watch…

If you are addicted, I beg you to take the time to watch what he left behind. He was an addict from age 18 to 35… He is, I believe, a voice worth hearing. I beg you to please not give up and listen to the pleas of a man whom I believe gave all he had within to get off of a drug… A drug which may seem alluring to some for whatever reason, but in the end it is nothing but a horrific blight that takes and takes until there is no more… Continue reading Addiction Should Be Met With Care; Not Punishment- Diary of a Heroin Addict Documentary