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Day of Rage for Mumia~9/7 — Moorbey’z Blog

No man in prison -especially in prison and not guilty of any crime other than wanting freedom and equality- should be allowed to be subjected to this type of torture. However, it shouldn’t be surprising that AmeriKKKa has been abusing and testing medical ‘theories’ on those in the Black community for hundreds of years. It’s past time it stopped; with the power and knowledge every one of you reading has, it’s time we use our knowledge and put this kind of shit to rest. Mumia Abu-Jamal is a good man who still speaks out with truth and knowledge; he is an innocent man and because he is relentless in the fight for truth the racist government is trying to silence him. This and all other acts of blatant racism in AmeriKKKa need to be taken to a global scale; Amerikkka needs to be held accountable for their cruelties and the only way we will ever see that day is when the racist system is taken before international courts. JUST AS MALCOLM X SAID!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Mumia Abu-Jamal has maintained his innocence for 35 years but the state is still trying to kill him, this time by refusing to treat him for Hepatitis C. Show your outrage in the streets on Wednesday, September 7: 11AM – Press conference outside the Philadelphia Health Center at S. Broad & Lombard – because hep c is […]

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60 year old business man Beaten, Raided and Robbed by Police

June 23, 2011… In Philadelphia, 60 year old business man, Wayne Layre, was working late in his auto-repair shop, minding his own business, not knowing in a few moments his life would be in danger. Not by robbers or murderers- at least, not the kind most are taught about.

While he and his co-worker, Michael Tierney, worked, officers in plain clothes broke in through the garage door of the shop, walked straight for Mr. Layre, and did not identify themselves nor show any badges.
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