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More Proof of the Sickening Reality with the “War on ‘Drugs'”

This is absolutely unbelievable. I am an advocate against the “war on drugs” – I believe people with drug related issues need help not insane punishment as the government dishes out. I also do not classify marijuana- especially medical- as a drug. Below is an article from alternet that is America’s sick and sad reality, that truly and utterly disgusts me. Link follows article

After being diagnosed with liver cancer in 2009, Norman B. Smith applied to the liver transplant list at Cedar-Sinai hospital. While waiting for a transplant, Mr. Smith underwent chemotherapy in an attempt to destroy the cancer eating away at his liver. This caused severe side-effects, common to many cancer patients. In an attempt to curb the pain, and on the recommendation of his oncologist, Mr. Smith began using medical marijuana. Cannabis has become increasingly common as a medicine of choice for patients undergoing chemotherapy, since it increases appetite and reduces pain—minimizing the chance of a patient developing cancer related wasting syndrome.

Finally in September of 2010, Mr. Smith was notified that he was eligible for a liver transplant and was placed on the liver transplant list. Mr. Smith continued his treatment and submitted to drug testing per the hospital’s transplant list policy. After testing positive for THC (one of the active chemicals in marijuana), Mr. Smith was taken off the transplant list and denied a life saving procedure. Mr. Smith died because of this. It did not matter to the hospital that Mr. Smith’s marijuana use was non-recreational, and was approved by his oncologist as a way to treat his chemotherapy side effects.

This story is a more common than one might think. Continue reading More Proof of the Sickening Reality with the “War on ‘Drugs’”

Second I’ve Posted Today – Suicide Not Serious to the Anti-“Choice”…?

Video 2 From Yours Truly. Just gonna copy and paste what I wrote on youtube… Point of this video: regardless of abortion or if a person is simply suicidal; it is never something to take lightly… Such as one anti-choice/anti-life Christian suggested to me today.

+ (sorry for how the video ends so abruptly, I pressed the wrong button… lmao)

*** I didn’t plan on making a second video but I am outraged at the fact that a person (which means, “PEOPLE”) can think that suicide is not an immediate threat to a person’s life. Once more, this is a bit of a personal video-blog/rant and it is NOT just for people who are considering abortion nor is it saying suicide is the only reason an abortion is right. It is NONE of those things.
What I am trying to say in this is, how dare a person, regardless of abortion beliefs,  Continue reading Second I’ve Posted Today – Suicide Not Serious to the Anti-“Choice”…?

Why Glorify Thatcher NOW; After All The Tragedy She Created?

Why is it that no matter how wrong a person’s deeds were while they were alive; and no matter how many lives they ruined or impacted in a negative way, upon death so many people want to glorify them as saints or good-hearted, good-willed human beings? Immediately after hearing the news regarding Margaret Thatcher’s death, I began seeing posts praising her from people whom otherwise criticized her.

I can’t stand this! If a person isn’t good while alive, why do so many people feel the pressing need to make them into a good person after death? Calling a spade a spade is not being “evil” or disrespecting the dead. Had said person (not just Thatcher but ANYONE) chosen to live a good life and help others, there would be no reason to call them anything other than good. But when a person spent their political career Continue reading Why Glorify Thatcher NOW; After All The Tragedy She Created?