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United States Army is Training Elite Special Forces Within LOCAL American Police Departments… Why?…

This is information everyone needs to know, realize that it is not something out of a novel but actually happening and a massive threat to our freedom and our lives. Manning, Snowden and Assange, and all alike them, are my heroes. Please take the time to read, research, learn, spread the info…. what would Martin Luther King JR or Malcolm X or Tupac Shakur (a personal inspiration) think of the state of this world?

They’d think we need to get our shit together and find a way to fix this and/or save ourselves; from the NSA privacy invasions that have gone on for decades which are only growing more intrusive…to the extreme police brutality going on in America.

There is no terrorism that they are fighting; it’s a cop out, a scare tactic… This is a blatant attack on the citizens of this country.

The below article and the truth of what is happening in America is far more scary than any “boogie man” they can create.

I have a few more posts to put up before I finish off some work; then I’m back for more! 🙂 Article… Being!

Unwarranted NSA surveillance, the passage of NDAA, stop and frisk programs, and the rise of warrior cops, have essentially turned America into a centralized police state.

Blurring the lines between the U.S. military and local sheriff departments sets a dangerous precedent that erodes freedom and civil liberties.

Those lines are being blurred right now in South Carolina.

According to The State, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department will participate in secretive joint exercise Monday and Tuesday with unnamed units from Ft. Bragg.

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L.A. Wants The Right To Rid Homeless of Property

This month it is expected the city of Los Angeles will be asking the Supreme Court to review a decision made back in September of 2012 by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco. The ruling made by those in San Francisco protected the property and belongings of the homeless. With this in motion, it is much harder for city officials to remove and destroy “abandoned” (homeless persons’) property.  The term “abandon” is very broad, and the removals random and destructive. If this decision is not kept in place, it is simply creating a very vast target area on the people, with a massive negative impact on the homeless. What little these people do have the government wants to remove because they deem it “trash” ? A health hazard to the public, they are now saying due to the recent TB outbreak. However, there is no evidence to suggest it was homeless belongings that sparked the outbreak. To quote the LA Times: Continue reading L.A. Wants The Right To Rid Homeless of Property