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My Encounter With Puppy Mills

Most people have heard talk of ‘puppy mills‘ but do you know what one is? I didn’t; I’m ashamed to say, not until 2009. So first, a quick brief on what puppy mills are…

The driving force behind puppy mills is greed, it’s all about money. The breeders do not care at all for the dogs well being. They house and breed dogs without food, water, minimal veterinary care (when they bother at all) and no socialization for the dogs.

They are kept in wire cages, overcrowded, and often stacked one on top of the other. The wires in these cages inflict pain and injury to their paws and legs; no comfort is given. Continue reading My Encounter With Puppy Mills

SeaWorld – What About the Animals?

I know this is a page for social justice, racism, sexism and any other form of socio-political issues. While I work a lot and try to expose truth regarding Pit Bulls and saving them…I have to add Orcas, or “Killer Whales” as well. Please take time to learn about these beautiful animals, and the abuse they are suffering at SeaWorld as well as other *animal* theme parks worldwide.

Learn about what Orcas aka “Killer Whales” should live like, and why SeaWorld and every single Seaquarium is a cruel violation against an intelligent, precious animal. Please watch and share.

Click here for pre-written tweets / facts.
“What you see here, there is an orca shows all the signs of psychotic neurotic, expressing his frustration, anger and despair, wild swinging and slammed his head on the platform catchment area.”

Former SeaWorld workers as well as Orca researchers speak out on the tragic captivity these animals face.