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Five Year Old Suspended For Mohawk…


See the adorable kid above? Apparently, according to his school’s superintendent, he:

“…poses a disruption to the learning environment as well as violates the student dress code.”

Eh, right……….What in the world is it with people in authoritative positions, be it a cop or a school officials, who think they have a bit of control over others so they must exercise it to the point of abusing it? This cute little 5 year old kid was suspended from kindergarten for his “disruptive hair style.”  I don’t see what is so “disruptive” about it, but anyhow. The intelligent “superintendent” went on to say: Continue reading Five Year Old Suspended For Mohawk…

8 Year Old Child Taken To Jail for a Tantrum; Failed By School and Police


Police don’t just abuse their power against adults nor do they stop at teenagers. As 8 year old Jmyha Rickman found out while at her Elementary school in Alton, Ill.

Like many children, school records state she has a history of throwing tantrums in school. But instead of the teachers, the people who are supposed to be trained to deal with children, handling it and noticing she needs attention and help, they called the police in to deal with this child.  I would like to note, I do not know where her parents are but I do know she has a guardian whom takes care of her, which suggests she probably has some emotional issues. Speaking from childhood experience, ‘throwing a tantrum’ at school was my way of asking for help as a child. She very well may be the same; but regardless…she is 8. Why would anyone need to call the police on an 8 year old little girl!? After the cops arrived at the school,
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