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Amazing Girl of 7 Creates Book to Inspire Other Young Girls to Embrace Their Skin- *This is Hope*

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 3.25.18 AMI love seeing kids going for their dreams; especially when it is to empower themselves and inspires confidence and self-esteem… I also love the energy and positive message she is sharing so brilliantly…. This is the future, and if she is part of it, there is hope yet.

The Adventures of Moxie Girl is a children’s book inspired, designed and co-written by 7 yr old Natalie McGriff. Natalie, a delightfully funny brown skinned girl previously suffered from low self-esteem regarding her hair texture and skin tone. Through much encouragement and constant adulation from family and friends, Nat’s esteem began to rise and she is now proud to be herself. She is now seeking to encourage, uplift and empower other young girls of color that may be suffering from low self-esteem by creating a children’s book which transforms what many may see as flaws, into super powers. The goal is create positive images of girls of color, causing them to take pride in themselves. – See more at: https://onespark.com/festival/2015/projects/natalie-mcgriff#sthash.br8NOT9v.dpuf

7 Year Old in Baltimore Suspended Over a Pop Tart- Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Heard in Some Time

7 Year old Josh Welch
Precious 7 Year old Josh Welch

Wow we are becoming an insane and tyrant style nation-and fast. I can’t believe the stupidity of what I am about to write regarding the cute little boy above who has done NOTHING wrong.

First I want you to stop and think: how many of you guys played with toy guns as kids? A great deal of us, especially little boys, play with toy guns. At least in America. Next quick point: teachers, especially of children in 2nd grade, are supposed to be trained to teach, to handle children in need, to be a friend and helper; not an over-reacting, utterly useless leader and a horrible example of adulthood.  What happened?
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