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When I was pregnant I was sure of how I felt, sure of what I knew, but was torn. People talk about forced abortion, but what about forced pregnancy? Luckily for me, it wasn’t done because of the others being anti-choice, and the further along I was, the more they noticed it was not time. Still, forced pregnancy is not something spoken of often so.

My husband wanted to go through with it but wasn’t ready, however, I wanted to please him. For along time I tried to force myself into believing it was right and what I wanted; that it was a good and safe situation. (Which was a lie). But the reality was, if we take the situation I would have been bringing a child into out of the equation for a moment, I was dying. (That may seem dramatic but it’s truth. And no, you don’t need to be dying to have an abortion. This is just my story. Well. A small, small part of it.)

Taking all else out of equation, I was having a mental breakdown so severe I almost killed myself. Given that suicide was something I had attempted before it is scary to look back and think that had I not been able to have a late term abortion, I would have ensured I took my life. It is more scary than the actual attempts I made years ago mainly because death was the only thought that gave me comfort and peace during my pregnancy. Death never gave me peace before, not until I was pregnant.

But because I felt pressured, I kept trying. In short, I tried to stay strong for others who didn’t know the situation and who could tell me I could handle it all day but had NO idea how wrong they were.

I was scared, yeah, who wouldn’t be, especially in a society that spews so many lies about abortion. But in my heart, I knew I was right. If I had managed to not kill myself during pregnancy – but let me make clear; I know without an abortion, I would have taken my life during this time- but let’s say I didn’t.

Taking that out for a moment, though… Deep inside, I knew the real wrong would be to not have a medical procedure, aka, an abortion.

The real wrong and cruelty would have been from the selfishness of giving birth to a child and either abandoning it due to my own demise and leaving it in a very horrible situation, or simply by  bringing it into a situation no child should ever, ever be brought into. I care too much for children, for life, to allow that.

One step further; if none of the above mattered, I knew it would be cruel to selfishly bring a child into a world where I was NOT ready for it. A child deserves more than it would have received here. There are countless reasons for why I had mine, none matter though. Why do none matter?

None matter because I don’t need to know your reason. Whatever it is, if it is right for you, that’s all that matters and that is all that is important. Listen to yourself; no one else.

I can’t tell you how you’ll feel after abortion. But I can tell you, I don’t feel regret. Some women need someone to talk to… There are resources below but as I will continue to say, if you want to talk to me, please… email me. I can listen.

I can tell you what to except in general. If you’ve had an abortion and feel a need to talk, email me and though I may not have the answers, I can listen, and guide you to places where you will be accepted and loved, and meet some amazing people, such as at PassBoards. (Link below)

Resources and link are at the bottom of the page. Remember, you are NOT evil, you are NOT bad if you have abortion. Please remember you are strong and please, above all else; try to ignore any and all hate-filled people who try to tell us we are anything less than decent humans based on the sole fact of abortion. 

triangleAbortion does NOT cause psychological distress, or “post-abortion syndrome.” Efforts to show it does occur appear to be politically motivated, according to U.S. researchers at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. “The best quality studies indicate no significant differences in long-term mental health between women in the United States who choose to terminate a pregnancy and those who do not,” they wrote. From fwhc.org (more links below)

20130330-033655.jpgBelow is just a random video I felt compelled to make. People put their lives at risk, go out of their way, give up their time; all to help other human beings, other women, get through what society tries to make them feel guilty over: Abortion.

Thank you… to the doctors, to the fundraisers, to the donators, to the true friend(s), to the staff, to the volunteers, to those who stay up all night to answer phone calls of nervous women who know the right answer and just need a bit of reassurance and kindness.


In this video all I am trying to do is thank those who were there, and give a reminder to any and all other women who have had or are going to have an abortion that they are not evil, or bad. I know the likelihood the woman I spoke to the night before mine will see this is pretty slim… But I do hope that if you are any of the things listed above, anyone who offers love and support to women during, before, and/or after the abortion… This thank you is to you as well. It’s not much but, it is from the bottom of my heart…

Please also see my youtube page for more about my abortion, and to listen to me beg you never, ever to listen to anyone but yourself when it comes to abortion. Only you know what is right. Don’t let anyone say you are ready if you are not; just as, don’t terminate if you feel you are ready and you want it.

The choice is YOURS- don’t let me or an anti choicer make your choice… While I am here if you want to vent, in the end, only you know….

Never, ever forget this.... You are not bad...
Never, ever forget this…. You are not bad…

Below are Resources (I will Add to This & Organize Better Soon!)

Need to talk to someone who won’t judge you? This is one of the best sites I know…. Please, Click HERE

http://www.afterabortion.com/crisis.html This is the main webpage for the above link as well as the first site you will visit to access the next link lol, this place is so very special to me because the women there make it that way. This site isn’t the message boards, but has tons of information and definitely is an excellent resource 🙂

http://www.passboards.orgThe absolute best place for women who’ve had abortion. Safe, no politics, no religion, no anti-choicers, and it’s about you! You and what YOU have been through; about HEALING- and for those who don’t need healing but simply are just looking for people who understand and to network with others who have had abortions this place is PERFECT.

I love this website, the women here are amazing, you will get nothing but kindness, not one mean word no matter what your situation or how bad or how good you feel; you will be met with others who have been there, and you will be welcomed with KINDNESS.

This one is excellent in general, but on this site you can look and see if your state covers abortion. If not, do not fear, hope is not lost. There are a lot of places whom work to fund abortion. I want to have a page for this up one day, until then you may want to read up on and/or contact the LILITH FUND by clicking here

Make sure to check out below links and make connections… It will all work out, there are so many people who want to help you… including me, for what it’s worth. If you are feeling overwhelmed or lost as to what to do next, please feel free to email me.

Important: Watch out for Fake Abortion Clinics – Beware! Learn the difference between a real clinic and a religious group offering free pregnancy tests and counseling. Fake clinics are named Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Birthright, and Pregnancy Aid, well, those are the well known… Keep your eyes open. Be safe.

Teens (more to come) :

Jane’s Due Process A website for Texas minors, to ensure teens have safe, legal access to abortion clinics as well as transportation and help, also includes toll free number… Definitily worth checking out, I am sure there are more for people in other states, please check back here or even consider calling the Texas toll free number and asking them if there is a similar organization for your state.

[[ Ireland -> You may find these resources (more on site) helpful, both HERE & HERE. ]]

[[ New York ]] NYAAF *New York Abortion Access Fund* I love this organization! Though yes it is a New York organization, they also have helped women from New Jersey to Texas and even Bermuda in accessing safe and legal abortionsFor more resources within NY State please visit the resource section of this site. ]]

More Resources below

(as I am American I know I have way more resources for American’s than other… please feel free to comment and leave any resources I don’t have that support abortion and women, be it in America or any and all other countries, or email me with it… In the future I hope to have this organizable by country but until then… here we are. Thanks in advance to anyone who contributes  🙂 )

CAIR Project – Community Abortion Information and Resources – call this 800 number to find a clinic or find money to help pay for an abortion. 888-644-CAIR (800-644-2247)

National Abortion Federation – clinics in the USA and Canada abiding by standards governing quality of care. National Abortion Federation operates a toll free hotline at 800-772-9100 in the US and 800-424-2280 in Canada.

National Network of Abortion Funds – A national network of local groups who help women pay for and travel to abortion services in the USA.

trianglefind more feminist abortion clinics

triangleIamDrTiller.com is living testimony to the courageous lives of abortion providers, activists and the women who have experienced abortion first-hand.

triangleFeminist Abortion Network – feminist clinics across the USA

For those who provide services or want to… great resource site here!

Christians–  This seems to be the perfect place for any Christian who wants to talk or needs support but can’t get it without judgment. It’s run by a woman who had an abortion herself, and offers a non-judgmental hotline and website. Before calling, I hope you will read the post or visit the site to make sure it is for you.I have pasted the entire story below as well as a link back to the site. The number is 1 866 647 1764 , it is only open on Tuesdays (6pm-9pm), Thursdays(6pm-9pm) and Saturdays (10am-2pm), sadly. (I believe that is EST time.) This is an after abortion hotline, but there are plenty of places on this list that you can contact pre-abortion… I find this hotline to be amazing because it is Christian based yet it offers women who need non-judgmental, caring post abortion support. I am not a Christian so I have never spoken to anyone here, but based on the above links, I truly believe this is a safe place where you won’t be lectured or judged at.

Randomly noted: Some of the writing and sites taken from a list on THIS site -They provide MANY more resources that are helpful, I highly suggest checking the site out 🙂

Donations for Abortions

Call 1-800-Abortion to speak with one of our “Live” Hotline Representatives, who are available 24 hours a day. She will be able to assist you with questions regarding the procedure, help you locate a private physician or clinic in your area and can schedule an appointment with a provider near you.

If there are any that have helped you that I’ve not added, please share in a comment 🙂

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  1. Thankyou so much for posting this. Unfortunately I’m in aus so I can’t use many services, but the fact that you’ve dedicated so much time to this, and many of your blogs, is such an awesome thing. I had a different situation for my abortion, but some of the feelings you had I can definitely relate to.

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