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Black Poetry Writing Month: Write a Song for the Field Slaves

Now this is a good idea for a writing prompt or any form of art prompt really.

However, the thing is, this tragically still is happening right now just under a different name. Slavery and the exploiting labors that brought so much money in to the very White House and National Mall in Washington, D.C., wouldn’t be here if not for the souls whom were sold to the government to build at the cheapest of cheap price; which the Black man would not every get to see.

Most of what this country has is due to the men and women of this era yet we have one puny month to honor the history and culture of Blacks in America? When is “white history month” I hear people moan; every single month, every single day, you dumb ass! Seriously! Though we must never forget the horrors these men, women and children faced, we must also remember that even the month given to “Black history” is a sham. How many people can say they learned this tiny bit of information in school, even during “Black History Month”?

There is so much more to “Black History” than a couple of weeks cannot shove it all in, but they don’t even try! It’s Dr. King, slavery, civil rights.

Sadly, again, as I originally said…. the souls in this photo are being forced to do work for free; in America right now for something as stupid as a person caught with weed, or even more tragic is when the person goes to jail on mandatory; silence is heard. Here, where the Black population is highly and sickeningly overflowing (this and drugs all the way to Black on Black crime, can find root within the marked out lines of FOIA FBI papers where Hoover blatantly, even between the lines with no heart or shame, calls upon the American FBI to “divide and conquer the Black community”). The CIA admits its role in planting crack and guns into Black ghettos. What more evidence is needed?

Slavery? Racism? That doesn’t exist anymore, too many dismiss. I look at you and smile not; racism and slavery exists more than ever because it is hidden in plain sight.

Oh but wait; it isn’t over. The prison industry and the Private Prisons make this “free labor, slave labor” all obtainable again. BLACK MEN BUILT THE CAPITOL -check it out here on goodreads. This is the kinda history I want to know. What else are you trying to hide, America??


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Daily Prompt: Personal Space

* I love this! Gonna give this daily prompt a shot 😀 ->>

I write more so for my own enjoyment than to gain readers, I believe which is probably a fault. The articles I post or write are so vital to me, but at the same time, I can’t water down my anger and outrage over certain issues anymore than I can sugar-coat my strong feelings for women’s rights and my hatred for racism. With that said… I suppose it is my personal space above all else because I say what I want to say, I don’t expect anyone to read it but I am so honored and thrilled when people do… I also love meeting like minds.

The line of it being *my* personal space, however, as opposed to an interactive debate forum is pretty much said in that sentence… I don’t really debate on my page as I feel they can go and write their own post disagreeing on their page. There is a reason for this, and the reason is while I don’t mind healthy debate, I actually enjoy it; I can’t stand hatred and mindless comments.

If we disagree that’s fine, that’s how life is. But I don’t tolerate hateful comments or comments that would hurt other people who read my blog and may be in some way hurt by what is said. Generally I don’t respond to hateful words but I have my weak moments.

I am a very opinionated person, so it is very hard for me to keep my site “attractive” to readers. The things I write about are very touchy subjects, I feel, and I do respect all who come to my page as long as they aren’t there to be mean. I believe our websites/blogs should be a place of self-expression, or in my case, news… News with my opinion all over it. That’s okay; somewhere out there is a page just like mine in idea, but totally the opposite in content. I feel it is a bit intrusive of readers to post hateful, mindless or untrue comments in an attempt to mislead readers or hurt readers (as no matter how mean they are, they no longer hurt me).

So, in sum, as long as disagreement is kept at an adult level and healthy my personal space is open… But the moment they bring negative hate or anything of the like into it…it becomes much like my own personal room and I want to be able to shut them out. Outside of “my world” they can say anything they want in their space, but not in my space… In my space, I can’t tolerate hate when so many of the things I write about bring sadness and tragedy due to mindless, ignorant hate.

There is enough hatefulness in this world, enough judgment. So, unless you can say something productive, on my page, in my “world”, don’t say anything at all because you won’t be approved 😛

Ahhh I loved that ! Must do this more 🙂