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Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Truth to Activists

Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, speaks out and she does it far better than I. She also makes real points that we as activists against racism and against police brutality as well as all forms of government racial brutality and injustice need to think and act on.

She speaks of other beautiful Black women killed in similar ‘incidents’ in 2015. Click here to go through their photos and stories. It will open in a new window.

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Natasha McKenna Shackled & Handcuffed When Police Murdered Her, Report Admits

Okay. This is sickening and infuriating and sadly not the first time I’ve heard of things like this as when i worked for the national organization I’ve heard from women abused by
natasha mckennapolice or families who had a loved one murdered under similar situation. People, I hope, realize that just because it isn’t on the news does not mean it is a rare thing.

I also hope people understand that though it may seem like every abuse or death case would be online, even if it is just locally based, some victims of police brutality just as some families of murdered victims are often embarassed by the sort of abuse, or afraid to speak out thus it only is heard of if they decide to reach out for counselling or something similar, sadly.

Below is the heartbreaking and repulsive actions of police officers whom admit Natasha McKenna was handcuffed and had her legs shackled when the police murdered her. What the hell are the people doing; our previous method isn’t working so … my god how can people not be viciously outraged??

Article Begins:
Natasha McKenna was murdered by the police, plain and simple. There is really no other way to put it, or any other thing to call it when a woman is killed after being handcuffed and shackled.

Any attempt at justifying the taking of someone’s life who has been restrained to that degree is really just evidence that – to the apologist – there is nothing any member of law enforcement can ever do that will be condemned, no matter how abusive, brutal or grotesque.

PLEASE SHARE Off-Duty Officer Attacks Black Woman; Breaks Shoulder-Needs Surgery Funds, No Media Attention.

In Kentucky, one early morning, Antwynette Houston pulled into a shop with her 9 year old son. An off duty police officer approached her over something as insane as how her car was parked….

This guy for all she knew could have been anyone, he just stated he was a cop, and refused, refused, to call the police or show his badge; in any way identify himself as an actual cop.  After verbally harassing her for awhile, she was dragged out of her car and brutally attacked by an off duty police officer. Black Female Police Brutality Survivor needs 3rd Surgery Cleveland Black Lives Matter

Turns out he wasn’t even an officer, he’s a Sergent- doesn’t work the streets – but felt the need to harass this Black woman over ‘how she was parked.’ For that, she winds up being yanked out of her car -after she told him she had just had surgery a year prior,- breaks her shoulder & causing other serious injuries.

I feel her telling you is so much more powerful than anything I can say, so I beg you to please watch her video. She is in need of a 3rd surgery; in need of attention and justice. Let’s do all we can to help her get her life back on track- lord knows what this has done to her traumatically… This is exactly why we -anyone who cares for human rights in general but especially Black Lives Matter- need to help and bring attention to her traumatic case…

Here is her story;

Please donate to help her obtain the surgery she needs; the justice she deserves. If the media and the world is going to ignore the majority of police brutality cases, it is our job to help and expose in any way we can. If you can’t afford to donate, please, please share.

GoFundMe Surgery Account – Please donate what you can OR share; please!

Or if you prefer you can donate via PayPal by using/sending to the email address:

Thank you so much… Please, please share…

Update: #Video of #BlackMale #JeremyMcDole Killed by 4 Delaware Cops, Wed…

I have had a long, depressing night dealing with … too much hate and harm or death(s). I can’t handle writing up all of what happened below but there’s been a vital update in the death of a Black male Wednesday which everyone needs to know (so we can fight even harder to get the killers locked away, for a start).

(Detailed info below, first, the update):

After his murder on Wednesday, an officer claimed the young man was suicidal; they also claim he had a handgun on him, which became one he reached for when they said to put his hands up, obviously. The young man, paralyzed from the waist down, was shot to death by cops at the scene.

They’ve stated he was suicidal when they came. They also claim he reaches for his gun, points it and that’s why they opened fire, or, according to other reports the police said, he reached for a gun and shot it up in the air! This is not seen at all, not once, in the video. Additionally, his uncle had been with him only 15 minutes before they arrived. He stated that Jeremy had no gun, a bag, but no gun.

His uncle, Eugene Smith, stated it had only been 15 minutes since he last saw Jeremy, unarmed, he said.

“He had a book bag, but I never seen a gun,” he said. “It was an execution. That’s what it was. I don’t care if he was black, white, whatever.”

[It’s no secret police are willing and do resort to planting weapons on victims. Who is to say that isn’t the case here?]

In the video,
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Deanna Robinson; 38weeks Pregnant; Cops Punch Her Stomach, Beat Her & Remain Active

“I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and with my stomach again repeatedly pressed into that counter, and with my 18-month old son watching his mother be assaulted, and him screaming in fear,” she says. “There’s nothing that warrants what they did to me.”

She remembers the officers telling her ‘We’re here to remove your son,’ and her replying, ‘Nobody is touching my kid without a court order or a warrant.’ The officers reportedly did not present any papers…” – Deanna Robinson, victim of police brutality and cruelty.

Call the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department at (903) 453-6800. Express your outrage, say whatever is on your heart; voice your feelings… And please, spread the word; I explained how I’ve seen Deanna’s video (below) and pictures and that the period of cops beating and killing without punishment will come to an end. These inhumane, remorseless acts of brutality will NO LONGER be tolerated.

Deanna Robinson Police Punch Pregnant Woman
Deanna’s bruised stomach and legs after police beat her.

I wrote a massive article on this earlier and somehow it has vanished… This case enrages me so much I ended up making the following video about Deanna Robinson and the twisted cop who punched her numerous times in the stomach despite her shouting “I’m pregnant!” Despite her being 38 weeks pregnant and clearly showing that she would be giving birth to a new life any day. All of this happened in front of her toddler, whom they took from her.

He watched, 18 months old, as two cops kept his mother, Deanna Robinson, in the corner of her kitchen as she tries to protect her stomach. In between the sadistic punches aimed clearly at her pregnant stomach, she was then handcuffed and arrested. These criminals came in to her home with force, hurt her physically and emotionally, traumatized her 18 month old child who had no say in anything and had been through enough in his short life. No one showed any sign of caring for the SOUL, for comforting the struggles and pain in which Deanna, as any of us would, tried to cope with. They wanted to take away her son due to her previously abusive ex-boyfriend. Her hormones are so out of control given how far along she is in pregnancy…all she needed was some kindness.

But again; even with their cruelty, she did no wrong! The COPS did, but they had to come up with something, so they arrested her, charging her out of no where and for no reason with:

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And the Police Brutality Site is Back!

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything on this site, and I apologize because I see people are still checking out my page, still following and I cannot tell you how much that means to me. I have a few other blog sites, and my YouTube channel (all open in new tab/window) is a big part of what I do, however, I realized tonight that I have fallen off writing about and speaking up against one of my deepest passions… Police brutality, racism and a little off topic but still close to my heart; domestic violence. This site will focus on sociopolitical topics such as police brutality and racism as well as the money making prison industry, the horrific war on drugs, and PIT BULL EDUCATION- they are NOT born killers, grrr! …. Ahem. Anyhow… So, things like that…

As for abortion posts, non-judgmental and caring resources whether you’re just considering abortion or have had one, my main abortion site is HERE. You can find a list of resources that will be updated and organized in the future by clicking HERE.

Additionally, I am going to create a new site for domestic violence, so I can not only speak freely but also keep things organized. I will also have resources and other things available ASAP… That site has yet to be launched but check back here when you can and the new link should be -> HERE. 🙂

With all of that said!

I’ve written a few articles on my blogger site I am going to transfer over here and I will start going from there. This page is going to be going under a MASSIVE makeover lol so please excuse the mess and if links don’t work or… whatever. But I’ve dedicated myself to helping victims of police brutality, as well as researching and writing on the topic, for a little over a decade now. Because women are under attack as well at the moment (not by police so much as the American government) I have been so focused on that it makes it hard for me to be able to balance work, studies, arts, volunteering and blogging; but I am going to make sure this page is full of information daily again.

Once again, thank you so, so much if you’ve stayed by me during this insanely long period of time that I’ve been away. And though my current YouTube channel is mainly for women, I plan on making another for police brutality as well as other ‘race’ related issues sometime in the future.

Finally, I don’t do comments, I apologize. The reason being, I firmly believe in not arguing or even debating with those who have no desire to hear what you have to say and only want to put their views down your throat the moment you stop to take a breath. I get death threats, I get all kinds of insane mail, none of that bothers me but in comments I fear it may hurt someone else if they are still feeling sensitive, and that’s uncalled for. I have to add, I also get very touching emails and those emails or messages let me know I am on the right track 🙂 I can never thank the people who’ve written me enough for just even sending me off a line or two. I am blessed.


Because comments are banned, I am going to post up a multitude of ways I can be reached. As part of my former job at a national police brutality agency I helped people find the help they needed; be it a lawyer or just a friend to listen. I’m going to put my contact details up shortly, and if ever someone feels alone or needs to just vent or ask questions or…whatever the case, I am here.

I am nothing special, but the reason I live is to try and do all I can to help others… Including exposing lies.

Check back on here soon for my contact info! I’m going to post up a few of my other sites blogs, and I will begin blogging here again starting… today. Thanks again!

You can follow me on my Facebook page -which covers more women’s issues- by clicking here. Or, if you’d prefer to have news on a wide on variety of topics from abortion to police brutality to racism to the money making prison system, etc…, SO if that sounds more appealing, you can follow me on Twitter by clicking here =)