History to Present Day: The Mississippi State Prison Still Giving Racist Hate, Forced Free Labor, Denied Clean Water & No One Cares?

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Uncensored Truths & Facts

Mississippi State Penitentiary, Parchman

Since its opening in 1904,Parchman has been infamous for brutal conditions of confinement and exploitation.Parchman was designed to mirror the plantation slavery system of prior centuries, profiting off the free labor of incarcerated people on Parchman farm and through convict leasing.

Theinstitution symbolizes the racist foundations of mass incarceration, including thedisproportionate incarceration of Black men.

Over one hundred years later, derelict conditions remain the reality for peopleconfined at Parchman. The systemic and widespread deterioration of Parchman’s unitsincludes crumbling infrastructure;understaffing; a lack of light and power; frequent floodingand leaks; showers that are inoperable for weeks, if not months; inoperable toilets that arenot cleaned, forcing people to resort to defecating in used food trays and plastic bags;exposed live electrical wires; black mold; and vermin infestations, among other inhumaneconditions.

During record cold weather this past winter…

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