They Don’t Give a Fuqq About Us…

Working on a piece for a video… Feeling this so much I am going to repost from my Facebook page. Sad truth, think about it… And if the words do not hit you hard, you are not listening or you are happy in your ignorant bliss; but the time will come when this evil is gone.

“THEY CLAIM WE INFERIOR; SO WHY THE FUQQQ THESE DEVILZ FEAR YA?!??!” …… T H I N K !!!! & when *dumb* azz ppl ask me why i fight racism as hard as i do; after i get finished thinking a million dumbfounded thoughts, this song comes to mind. with a FUCK YOU 2 them. if you are so absorbed in your own world that you don’t see the INJUSTICE or refuse to see TRUTH for the sick reality that it is… we wont get along too well just saying. sad truth to blast as i work on next piece. smh, this country never was great, and now it’s only going backwards…but one day we will RISE…………….! MAKAVELI TRAINED!!!! RBG!!!!