Imprisoned workers deserve basic human rights too

Important… Please read, sign and share… Keep in mind it is not murderers, rapists or etc that make up these populations….

Imprisoned workers, including 58 youth, are still battling California’s wildfires for just $2 a day. Despicably, this is considered a good wage in prison. Even though they work 40-hour work weeks, imprisoned people are paid as low as 8 cents an hour, with most of the wages going back to exorbitant commissary prices. In some states like Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas, it’s legal to not pay them anything.

There’s a way to change the conditions of imprisoned workers. If they are recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act, they would then be entitled to worker protections and benefits that state employees have. This would ensure that imprisoned people can earn living wages to support themselves and loved ones on the outside.

Sign the petition to Congress: Give incarcerated workers equal labor protections. They deserve basic human rights too.

Outrageously, over 43 states are allowed to charge incarcerated people pay-to-stay fees, forcing them to pay for their incarceration. All the while, major companies like Walmart rely on prison labor in order to reap the most profit.

In order to decentivize companies and local governments from relying on exploiting imprisoned people for the greatest gain, we need to push Congress to recognize workers as employees who deserve just compensation.

Sign the petition: Recognize imprisoned workers as employees today.

Right now, nearly half a million people are encagedbecause they can’t afford to pay bail. Once they’re in there, they’re forced to work and kept in poverty because they’re paid close to nothing. Since Black and Native communities are targeted for incarceration more than any other racial group, these unfair labor practices keep Black and brown communities in perpetual debt.

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