Aron Shaw; Remember That Name. Murdered, Tortured, His Killers Walked Away

People rarely seem to go to this heartbreaking case from my past… I hope more people will, it is the least we can do to remember the man, who, yet again, was stolen due to racism and father/son police kill team.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

I have so many current cases with police brutality and my other areas of activism I’ve not been able to keep up the videos here as I wish to- that WILL change and I’ll also start including other videos dealing with things like racism, modern day Jim Crow, the ORIGINS of cops, modern day slavery, poverty, the Prison INDUSTRY and etc. For now though, it’s for police brutality; and these are some of my cases I worked on a few years ago.

I’m sharing for two reasons: 1) Remember the victim, 2) See what the cops doing today as these cases were about 2 yrs back give or take. Each video will be for a new person, and I will do current beatings and murders soon. For now, please share this mans horrible story.
Unarmed. In his 40s. Screaming for his life. Beaten in multiple locations. Taken 7 miles outside…

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