You’re Not Innocent Until Proven Guilty in America

While one of America’s biggest industries for profit steadily grows worse, state by state, law by law, I am amazed -for some reason- at how lazy Americans are…

In this country you are guilty and treated as such, as we see below in California’s new law against bail. In England, you are innocent until proven guilty. People will tell you that is how it is in the states also, but if it were the prison industry wouldn’t be an industry, to start out with. Secondly, we would see a lot different verdicts and finally, people would not be openly criminalized before even going to trial. And that’s just to start off with.

“In the United Kingdom system of Justice,one is presumed innocent. The burden of proving guilt rests always with the prosecution. The accused has the right not to testify and to be acquitted unless and until the prosecution has proven the case against him beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Slowly but surely steps are being taken to take away more and more rights of those they desire, and like sheep people will realize this, curse it and forget it… Action does work, we just need to take it…And get unified.

“Abolishing cash bail is a revolutionary change to the criminal justice system, and an issue activists have worked on for years. Supporters of the change say cash bail keeps too many poor people behind bars who pose no risk to the public, and that the bail industry engages in predatory lending, particularly toward poor communities of color.

Lawmakers worked on the bill’s final language for two years, but in its final form, some fear it will lead to more people behind bars than the old cash bail system.

“This bill unfortunately replaces that flawed system with one that could increase pretrial detention and increase racial disparity,” Jess Farris, criminal justice project director for the ACLU of Southern California, told BuzzFeed News.

The ACLU pulled its support from the law because of its reliance on risk assessments without ensuring transparency and other protections against racial bias. Farris added that risk assessments should be conducted by an independent agency, rather than probation officials, and the law should have put a preference on releasing people rather than jailing them.

“In our system, liberty should be the norm before you’re convicted of a crime,” she said. “

Exactly. Instead of punishing all, why not liberate and truly practice INNOCENT until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt?!

Oh, wait. I know why.

Link to the above article can be found here.