8th Grader Writes Heartbreaking Letter About His Racist Experiences In School

Never forget… This breaks my heart.

Truth- A Right to Fight For...

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 3.04.47 PM “It’s not right to judge people on their skin color before you get to know them because you can miss out on how good that person is.”

At 13, Za’Khari has handled the hatred of racism better than most, writing an open letter (see below) hoping to finally get his schools principal to wake up and do something. It’s heartbreaking that a child has had to  it’s important people realize the emotional and mental impact racism has on people, care needs to be given, not ignorance.

The honors student, along with family, friends and concerned people all over the nation are wondering when his principal will address the racism he’s continuously had to endure over the past 3 years; racism which is growing worse. This behavior needs to end – and if the principal doesn’t find it a serious enough to respond issue perhaps he has the wrong job and should…

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