Facts To Present White Racists; True BLACK History & My New Promise of Self Growth

Working on a project to educate anyone unaware of the destructive lies racist whites have created and shared, passed down in school systems as well as any other medium possible, in order to create the illusion of “superiority”- if you trust facts, then this series will be for you. If you like to pretend white people are right; are superior (HAHA) and not look at facts, I’d still encourage you to watch- maybe you’ll learn something. Coming soon.

Also I want to add I’ve made a huge decision in my life that will impact this page and my youtube page… I am done with excuses -even if valid- as to why I haven’t been consistent or why this is late and so on. From here on out, I plan on treating my website and youtube channel as high priority….which means more consistency. I have a lot of plans I haven’t yet completed, but thanks to my spiritual teachings (all based in the roots of Africa; in the roots of the ancestors who will protect and guide…

I’ve also decided I need to change a lot of things… I don’t want this page to simply be about the racist, evil crap these beyond psychotic racist white people are doing and getting away with. -Make no mistake, I will continue to cover that…but I want to also teach… There are too many I know and whom have written me that say they never knew this or that….and of course the school systems don’t teach Black history- there’s a month dedicated to it…the shortest month, btw, and it is all filtered. No Malcolm X and if so only to lie and claim him to be a racist who wanted to kill.

No. Self defense is different than murder. Murder is what we see the cops doing, and not just because it’s on TV. The cameras are the only new addition; that and social media. This goes back centuries, and in my life time I have been working against these racist police and government officials targeting the Black community for over a decade… There are too many forgotten cases but hopefully I can get their names out -even if it takes time…

They deserve to be remembered.

And so does the truth of Africa and the African people… The first thing to get out of the way is a question I get at a disturbing rate…which is,
so uh, were Ancient Egyptians white or Black?!

BLACK. And I’ll prove that. It was Europeans, white, Europeans,  that brought racism to Africa. I’ll go into detail about that too. Also, yes, no matter who you think your ancestors are, we all thankfully did come from Black Africa…Scientifically proven. Anyone with any form of self respect will not be upset and fight truth; instead, embrace it. What the hell is wrong with you people who think everything must be white?! Furthermore, what the hell is wrong with these white racists and white people who think that they are under attack during a time when the Black community is being slaughtered by today’s modern day slave patrol (police)!? If you want to know your true roots and origins, it goes back to BLACK Africa. This is something you should be grateful for and praising…

And hopefully more people will embrace this and realize how idiotic they are being by bitching over “color”……..