Mainstream Media Misinformation & Lies Only Continue to Grow

As The National Enquirer fuels the fire of Trump supporters, it is also ignored by mainstream media. Now, however, before you read anything from US Weekly … well… I would suggest not even bothering as the National Enquirer has now bought it for with plans.

The vast majority of mainstream, for profit media contains only BS lies. And that became a “right” of mainstream media over a decade ago, but more on that in another post.

Here is are some clips from an article speaking on the fall of whatever truth US Weekly once held as it is turned over to another set of lying Trump freaks. Link follows with full article & more info.


Howard knows that each publication does its own thing, for its own audience, and does it well. There’s no reason for the Enquirer to try to expand its social media footprint, especially when, according to Howard, only 6% of his readership gets their news online. Instead, he’s refocused on the print magazine itself, doubling down on the populism that made the Enquirer dominate the newsstand in the 1970s. He’s re-embraced the old-school “postcard” polling method, which, coupled with email/online surveys, made it clear, more than a year ago, that his audience wanted more Donald Trump.

So that’s what he gave them: covers proclaiming “How Trump Will Win!,” “Donald Trump’s Revenge on Hillary and Her Puppets!,” and “Hillary: Corrupt! Racist! Criminal!” In officially endorsing Trump, the Enquirer joined just two of the 100 major US newspapers — one of them owned by a major Trump contributor.

Howard didn’t care how lonely the Enquirer was on the Trump bandwagon. He cared that his readers were there with him.

Like other tabloids, the Enquirer both intensifies and soothes its readers’ anxieties and fears. It’s political, but it’s not necessarily dogmatic, and certainly not partisan: The tabloid, even one with an owner chummy with Donald Trump, has always been ideologically flexible. The Enquirer’s resurgence isn’t just about Trump; it’s a return to its core readership, and a recognition of how tabloid tactics actually work.

Us Weekly may seem like a distant relative to the Enquirer, but its glossy exterior elides the fact that it’s been adapting tabloid tactics for nearly two decades. The Us reader who makes fun of the Enquirer is like the snobby cousin who moves to the big city: No amount of fancy clothes can cover up where you come from.

For now, Howard has no plans to turn Us Weekly into an Ivanka lovefest — unless, of course, polling suggests that’s what the audience wants. Instead Us becoming the Enquirer, each AMI flagship publication will lean more into its primal self: Us will return to, as Howard puts it, “the glory days of Janice Min,” when, back in the mid-2000s, it became a must-read rival to People.

For the full article and other issues with this…circus… click here.