National Epidemic of Unreported Black & Latina Girls go Missing

This issue is an overwhelming, terrifying issue too few speak of- maybe they aren’t aware .. but they seem to always be on point the second a white girl goes missing, but Black or Hispanic girls don’t even get an amber alert, for the most part. White girls get plastered and analyzed on all the “Leading” (Fake but highly watched) for-profit media like Fox “News”, CNN, MSNBC, and so forth. It’s breaking news; treated like a mass school shooting if a white girls lost. 

 Why; when Black lives, my (Hispanic female) life along with all Latina’s lives for that matter are just as important as any white girls life?! This is sadly another thing we must do- make sure our kids who notice the lack of missing kids never being (in the media) shown unless they are white understand this by no means makes their lives any less important or vital; we are all worth being noticed…but racist America be it the the government or media (gov controlled) don’t appear to agree with me on this fact!

I must end here as I’m working against a deadline ATM, but I’ll be reposting the main info and link to read all below. Let’s find new ways to protect and save the girls all these racist and heartless ignore; and let’s remind all how exceptional their lives are as a Black or Hispanic girl.

“According to the Black and Missing Foundation, 64,000 black women and girls were missing nationwide in 2014. And it took just one caring black woman to finally ring the alarm. Two months ago, Chanel Dickerson, new commander of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department, launched the Twitter hashtag #MissingDCGirls with photos of the missing youths. Social media responded with outrage that not enough was being done to find the children by law enforcement or media outlets, who often cover stories of missing white children.”

“She knew too much about the predators who prey on black children when no one is watching and she made it her mission to protect us as best she could.But she never called our all-white local police department for help. It was the 1980s and maybe she feared that police would look at our mostly black neighborhood and stereotype her as just another irresponsible single black mother. It wouldn’t matter that her kids were just doing what all healthy teenagers do, testing the limits of their freedom, challenging authority.”

According to the National Crime Information Center, there were 170,899 missing black children under 18 in the United States in 2016, more than any other category except for the white/Hispanic — a combined number of 264,443.
“…group of congresswomen has taken the lead in a national conversation about the crisis of America’s missing black and Hispanic children, demanding that the FBI and Justice Department immediately dedicate funds and commit to policies that will address the problem.”

“The caucus is asking: Are these children the victims of sex traffickers, or are there other factors at work? Good questions. The group will host a town hall discussion this month between lawmakers, law enforcement and justice department officials, and child advocate groups.

The importance of this conversation cannot be overstated. It is long overdue.”
Link to this article in full, here.