In Honor of Malcolm X & An Ongoing Fight for Human Rights in America- video

Today in 1965 we lost a legendary man, body and soul, a true revolutionist whom fought for the bettering of humanity and against racist white hate crimes against the Black community without apology-as it should be; as we should all be. I’ve placed the video above for a reason; while countless speeches made by Malcolm X are sadly still true to today and how things are, in this video he poses the question I wonder every single day with growing frustration at my own lack of understanding as to the WHY others, in great numbers, aren’t asking what Malcolm so brilliantly asks, frames and explains in the video I’m about to post and urge you with all I am to watch.

What is happening in America must not be taken before an American court. Just as police should not be taken before their fellow police officers or other law enforcement and/or court/legal systems where they are known personally.

We see where doing both of those things gets us, and common sense should suggest that would happen anyway. So where do we go? As Malcolm X says we should instead take the issue of VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS (not CIVIL but HUMAN RIGHTS) to a system larger; the UN, for example; nothing will ever change. And he has been proven right by time… So what are we waiting for? It is only 9 minutes and some spare seconds of your time: listen to what he says, honor him with at least that much, on the anniversary of his death, I ask you. Listen and think about what he says both for him then but also, look at how perfect that speech is to be given in America today, 2017. Video follows.

The best way
to honor him or simply honor and give love as well as respect to all of human life is to educate and learn, grow and then demand action upon that knowledge. So yes, let us remember him today but fighting for HUMAN RIGHTS; human rights which are STILL being violated via white privilege too many white people deny and blatant racism, to anyone who has open eyes, still being steadily perpetrated against the Black community. With brainwashing, racial profiling, schools not only not up to standard in general but even less than that updated standard those in the poorer, non-white communities face.

Worse, there is modern day slavery which it seems people have yet to catch on to its true origins, roots and meaning until it’s too late. Locked up…Not for murder or rape, even. For simple, minor, “petty” crimes the vast majority represent. And these are the targeted people; and these are the people the racist whites in corporate government seek to gain control of one way or another.

Slavery, today more commonly known as “prison, jail or the juvenile detention center” all too many of whom have gone through the Amerikkkan school to prison pipeline while growing up, more like than not, in the projects and ghettos of America’s forgotten, aka our “inner cities” and far too many kids -myself included in all of this- growing up in broken and/or dysfunctional homes. Homes where the adults have no time for their kids, who are left to find the way alone.

Those factors, mixed with the admitted interference from government organizations like the CIA and FBI all add up to how we got to a bombing prison industry. Ones that use labor in ways most people wouldn’t ever guess; regard the prisoners health as less than that of a bug (over 55% of whom are in for a drug offense), and thus, they make money for the industry now called prison.

Prison should be a hell of a lot different, according to what is allowed, created, made by, sold from and furthermore by prisoners all across America, right now, as you read this. Or, there is always the dangerous working environments these same people are forced to work in. Just those short examples of a much larger problem [an article on the problems in full will be posted on prison and racism in the upcoming future] versus what is cited to be truth of how the American government treats its “citizens” are overtly hypocritical and plainly a system used not only to make money, but to make money on the backs of people who should not be locked away [more on that to come].

Need a reminder of what the 13th amendment is? I got ya.

The 13th amendment [Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.]

With all that noted; let us honor the brilliant man who was taken too soon from us and realize the problems he worked to resolve still are just as -if not more- dangerous today as they were when he made the included video. It is up to us now… It is up to us; any and all whom are awake to truth, to complete and see it to the end what far too many are locked away in prison as political prisoners while the majority of others we lost to death as they fought for the same rights we need to be fighting for harder right now.

Why are they so afraid? Ask yourself that. That should give you an idea of not only the worth but the strength and power held within those they so desperately seek to confine, kill and enslave.

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