White Cop Uses Excessive Force Against Black Female Student & the US Justice Department

This is an update on the case of a young, Black teenage female being turned over and dropped out of her chair, drug across the floor and arrested; violating the department’s policy as well as his oath as a cop. I don’t need to add this happened because he knew he could get away with it because the teenage girl is Black. That is sick, sad and heartbreaking as well as enraging but it is true. If this happened to a blonde, blue eyed white girl the entire situation would have gone down differently, she would have just been acting her age and I don’t believe the cops would have ever been called. But I digress, now that you know my personal view on that I want to talk about what the U.S. Justice Department decided after 2 years of apparent searching for a way out.

The lengths America’s government will go to in order to ensure police don’t go to jail or receive any punishment is absolutely astounding. They are allowed to use the stupidest excuses; and this one took 2 years for them to find- you’d think they’d have come up with a better “loophole” than they did. What’s especially surprising in this case from 2015 is the 2 years it took for the U.S. Justice Department to come up with such a flimsy excuse for a cops abuse.

After 2 years the prosecution realized suddenly, hey, this case isn’t in our jurisdiction because it was a mistake not an intentional violation of civil rights! Yeah, let that soak in. Let’s explore that and go a bit deeper.

racism-and-copsA cell phone & a teenage girl refuses to give up her cell phone, then she refuses to get out of her seat, after school officials allegedly, “plead” with her to get up -allegedly. I just want to add, she was a teen acting as many of us would have, too. Imagine her your child. I can say had I had a cell phone in school I would have behaved similarly. I note this because teenagers are teenagers…she did no wrong and anyone who thinks that way doesn’t belong on my page.

Additionally, the teenage female was also accused of “verbally challenging” an officer; all she did was tell him what he was doing was wrong, I might add. It finally led to the cop saying she hit him, but the aprox 15 witnesses say as she was being drug across the room she was throwing her arms about. I would assume she was trying to gain balance or her grounding, I don’t know nor does it matter as it would be terrifying to be flipped out of your chair by a cop, then drug across the floor violently. racism-and-cops-2

Who would just lay still without motion? I do not believe she hit the cop and there is no proof or evidence that she did; if she did I believe fully it was accidental. Let’s go all the way and say this: even if by some chance she did hit him intentionally. What kind of wimp and emotionally unstable “man” can’t handle a teenage girl -especially when their very job revolves around dealing with teenagers and kids?

After all, Ben the cop, has 7 years history in policing schools, surely he should know how to deal with children and teens better than this. Surely, if a female hit him in the midst of him using excessive and unnecessary force upon her, he could handle it without claiming to been rocked by a full grown man out of no where.

Let me also add, no officer should have been called! What is it now a days? No one can do their job; instead of being a teacher and teaching and working with children and adolescents, they call the cops.

So let’s flashback again: October 2015 a cop is recorded not only flipping a teenage girl out of her seat but dragging her across the room and then arresting her. In what way is this appropriate behavior?  And it is no surprise that the point of this post is, the cop Ben Fields, who did the excessive behavior of course no longer has any criminal charges against him as this case was just closed. His attorney saying he is a “good” person and hopes someone will give him another chance.

Finally… What is a mistake? A mistake is something you do not mean to do. Accidental or using bad judgment- I don’t care what the situation, I don’t believe you can use ‘bad judgment’ to this extent. He more than likely was angry and out of control and gave up, going the easy route because at the end of the day, as always, he would not be held accountable for his abuse of his badge.

Not to mention, an accident in action or using bad judgment and behaving as he did with this young girl is not something a school cop with 7 years of working with children and teens should be allowed to make. It’d take an extremely low intelligent person to actually have a lapse of bad judgment to the extent in which Ben does.

What is rare, though, is everyone from the department he worked for to the federal prosecutors alike, they all admit in one form or another, he did wrong…

Fields’s boss, Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, said at the time that he wanted to throw up after seeing a video showing Fields wrap his forearm around the student’s neck, flip her and the desk she was sitting in backward, and then toss the teen toward the front of the room before handcuffing her.

He was “relieved of duty” afterwards.

But here is what is further sickening and telling about the legal procedures of Amerikkka. Taking two years the U.S. Justice Department found a loop hole it would seem, for now the final word on this case was: prosecutors cannot continue or prosecute him on criminal charges because they only deal with intentional violations against civil rights, NOT for when cops violate a persons civil rights by mistake or when they do so out of bad judgment.  This is an admission that of course he did something wrong; even the most evil simpleton surely can understand that, even if they won’t admit it.

What a pathetic excuse, they would of course prosecute as they are very just and fair, but…two years later…opps! can’t punish this guy, even though he violated his promise to protect and serve the people; despite his abuse of a child, of a female…Despite even his boss saying he violated procedure -which is a rarity-… OPPS CAN’T PROSECUTE! This isn’t in the jurisdiction of the U.S. Justice Department!

BS. I’d love to look into some other cases they’ve dealt with and prosecuted to see how many people they’ve imprisoned based despite them making what any sane person would consider to be “making a mistake” or “acting out of bad judgment.”

No, of course this is not anything new. But we should keep up with the cases as we can, and every case matters so delusion is never formed. Stay awake and keep fighting for equality and justice; it’s still on. If not more than ever now. (What I am referring to will be explained in upcoming posts).