New Bill Proposed to Legalize Police Murders

pigs.png“According to the bill, city officials will be allowed to use “any means necessary” in order to break up a group of 10 or more protesters blocking traffic, “even to the point of costing lives.” -See Below

As if police departments across the US were not bad enough when it comes to double standards, racism, abuse or killing and walking away freely, now that President Obama is no longer in office the threat is at a higher risk than before. I am talking about Donald Trump, who is not my president by any means. Donald Trump, who refused to even meet or discuss the murder of Black men, women and children being beaten and killed at a highly disproportionate rate in a racist America. Under him, a bill being proposed is actually a threat in my opinion among countless other issues.

This bill I speak of in detail below, but let me start with it’s a bill that actually will allow the cops to legally take a persons life if they are blocking traffic. Under virtually any other government I’d not be worried. But under this empty and lost government which is not mine, anything could occur.

Before we go into the details of the proposed bill; it’s not as though things were great with the cops before, under any president! The lack of accountability police account for (unless the victim is a white child), their protective blue shields and the risks we’ve seen a couple of good cops take for the sake of speaking out; the lack of accountability due to loop holes (and racism) in our government, and going all the way back to the roots of the police, which are the slave patrols and the “good ol’ boy system”.

This system allows white privilege to prosper, all while denying it exists. I loathe, loathe and despise! white privilege! Regardless of my nationality, I am forever stuck with light skin and given a sick cursed privilege I don’t want!! I do not want to abuse it, I do not want it to be used, I want to slaughter the privilege! Then there are some who take it even further, deny it exists, blame the Black community as the ones with the ‘privilege’ or advantage in society, all white abusing the disgusting system they created, run and yet deny.

I’ve spent the past few months updating research on the the legal policies and “belief system” for lack of better words, of a great number of police departments all over America, I am still in the process of updating but from what I’ve found -as I noted in a previous video briefly- the cops are using the media and police killings to be the cause of making officers afraid to defend themselves, thus more cops are getting shot. So they want to and are promoting programs that hold the views, orders and beliefs that it is the officers job to put their own safety first, if they feel they are in danger it is their responsibility to shoot first and that they will “deal with tomorrow, tomorrow”.

It is very similar to the first police troops in Texas, the Texas Rangers, whose slogan was: “Shoot First, Ask Questions Later.”

I will have more research completed soon and then will release my findings, knowledge is power, especially now a days…

Regarding the current, terrifying proposal, one republican idiot has put forward a 100% pro-cop, pro-murder of the innocent, pro-murder of the unarmed, bill. So obviously, this new bill if passed would make it legal to shoot innocent or unarmed people, including protestors. The bill introduced is Senate Bill 285 and it will have its first committee hearing Wednesday. According to the bill, city officials will be allowed to use “any means necessary” in order to break up a group of 10 or more protesters blocking traffic, “even to the point of costing lives.”

Sorry but no matter where you stand on the issue of traffic blocking, legalizing murder is not the answer. Perhaps listening to what the protestors are saying would be a more democratic practice, if this country actually practiced what it preached. But with Trump already facing a law suit for violating the constitution, it is no shock that under his regime such a bill would acceptably be proposed. Trump does hate that protestors outnumbered his inauguration, after all. So much he doesn’t mind blatantly lying to the people (so why would he mind lying about other matters?)

Plus having Blacks and non-whites, along with women protesting and speaking against him in numbers again larger than his, he has already made clear he wants to always be made to look like a god and this is clearly seen in numerous areas but for now let’s just use his most recent blatant lies and ridiculous attacks on the media regarding the photos showing President Obama had more people attend his both of his inaugurations, which is true; he did have more, a great number more in fact.

I’ll be writing on that later, however, in a piece which will go on to explain to anyone lost or confused as to why these sort of lies matter on a larger scale.

There is no limit to what may be made legal under the rule of those who don’t believe there is racism in America -or those who abuse the fact that there is-, those who see no problem within the police department or their lack of accountability for their countless atrocities.

Below is more information on the new bill being introduced:

“A responsible public official shall, not later than 15 minutes after learning of a mass traffic obstruction in the official’s jurisdiction, dispatch all available law enforcement officers … with directions to use any means necessary to clear the roads of the persons unlawfully obstructing vehicular traffic,” the legislation reads.

According to The Guardian, Tomes has a history of introducing draconian right-wing legislation, including bills that call for incarcerating transgender people for up to a year not using the bathroom associated with the gender on their birth certificate. Sue Ellen Braunlin, who is the co-president of the Indiana Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, called Tomes’ bill the “Block Traffic and You Die bill.”

“The bill seems to be part of a larger pattern of legislation popping up to specifically target protesters occupying streets. Legislation recently introduced by Republicans in North Dakota — home of the ongoing Standing Rock protests — would create new legal protections for drivers who run over protesters in the street, even if a driver is responsible for a protester’s death.”