Notice Tamir Rice’s Mother Didn’t Attend the DNC? Here’s Why & Then Some.

I admire all the strong women who have lost a child and are now standing up and trying to change how this sick world is; but somehow from the moment I first listened to Tamir Rice’s mother,  Samaria Rice, speak I felt an especially deep admiration and respect for her. That has only grown tonight.

First, I didn’t watch either of the conventions. Donald Trump is a psychopath and truly cruel while Hillary Clinton brings us nothing more than the same lies, political mask and deception that is so common place for a politician. And while I am happy to read that some of the women who make up the Mothers of the Movement attended and shared their stories, pleading for justice and change… That they walked to the stage to cheers of Black Lives Matter is the little extra that would have sent chills down my spine from the power of their words, their energy and purpose, collected together. But I digress.

One of the mothers said Hillary would say and stand with Black Lives Matter. In fact, the title of the article I read first was something along the lines of, “Hillary Sits and Listens to Mothers who’ve lost a child to police racism” or something. It was totally misleading to start; I had no idea at that point it was just a speech at the DNC; secondly, Hillary can talk all she wants or ‘listen’ but someone sincere; wouldn’t they listen one on one and in private? Wouldn’t it be on their top priorities and a topic always made clear?

I was disappointed to hear some of the mothers say that they believe Hillary cares. I think she does more than Trump, but her care is a fake sort; it’s time for something better for this country so we may change and become that great country people talk about; the one we’ve NEVER been.

While it made me sad to hear a few of those women supporting and trusting Hillary with this cause; Samaria Rice came through for me… Notice her missing from the group? She didn’t attend for she doesn’t endorse either; there hasn’t been a candidate that she supports… Because she wants change and for Black Lives to TRULY MATTER and she wants it -rightfully so!!!- now… As I do; as we all do…

In the following video she speaks a bit on Tamir’s death; but also on her thoughts of Trump and Hillary… Check it out below:

” No candidate is “speaking my language about police reform,” Samaria Rice recently told Fusion, saying she wants “a lot on the table, not a little bit of talk, a lot of talk about police brutality, police accountability, making new policies, taking some away, and just reforming the whole system.” 
Rice added that no presidential candidate appeals to her yet. “

And then I went on a rant about racism…as you will see below….

Racism in America, police killings and abuse as well as the lack of accountability from the government, from the overseers, excuse me I mean police departments. The cops have zero to little accountability after they harass, beat, torture or kill; unless it is a white child with Black cops as I said before. Here we are, 2016 & still!; after all the thousands murdered or beaten…these so called alleged men walk free despite their racially motivated murders. Some even flaunting it as Zimmerman did selling his murder weapon online like a trophy!!! How do people not see the sickness which is racism!? It is alive and it should never have been, and it sure as hell shouldn’t STILL BE… But it is. 

Why? Why do people defend a system with police that have traumatized -and understandably so- Black men, women and children all around the US? How can people dare to say the cops are not racist and acting upon their emotions when I see it daily in the lives of my friends, their kids and those who are my family.

Where does their racist audacity come from, that anyone could dare say racism isn’t real or that Black Lives Matter is a “hate” group!? When all it really means is, it is beyond time Black lives recieve equality and respect; not abuse, fear, trauma or death.  And it especially shouldn’t be coming from those who claim they are there to serve and protect! That makes them that much more sick; it seems almost premeditated their job of choice, the actions that follow with no punishment.

I see the heartbreaking trauma these cops have put into children on the days I counsel an at risk group of children under 10.

Here is the thing, though. Only the beautiful Black children show signs of trauma from police killings. And some I must note are really severe; in one situation a 10 year old now is house bound since the murder of Tamir Rice. No child should know the state of utter terror some of these innocent children know, but again; no matter if they are as severe as the young 10 year old boy I mentioned, no matter if they’ve cried fearing for a family member, or fearing for themselves, or talking to me about it; these young kids, some as young as 4, trying to make sense of all the murders being committed by the people other parents can tell their kids to run to for safety.

Some mention it in passing, others show a theme in their play which shows their trauma; others straight up talk about it almost obsessively. Again, from 4 to 10 years old. All, not surprising but still I am sad to say, who have mentioned to me these fears, on their own; all Black children… Kids who are my friends children, people who are my family’s kids, kids in my counseling group, already worrying for their life and/ or the life of a close relative.

In my counseling group a white child who was 5 told me he wanted to be a cop when he grew up so he could shoot people. I don’t blame the child, I blame this racist society which looks away from reality because… I don’t know how or why to be honest. I’m a white skinned Hispanic; I have always fought against the racism I saw happening to kids I grew up with; I dedicated my life to fighting it at age 14- so no I don’t understand what reason any one could have to say racism isn’t real, or, that whites are the true victims (HA!) or that because an organization of people who see the double standards still exist and only want equality and to be treated with respect, not made to fear those others look to for safety.

I am at a blank; there is no reason I’ve heard nor is there one you can give me to justify anyone that disagrees with Black Lives Matter or that claims racism isn’t alive anymore. You guys are choosing to keep your eyes shut (you have that luxury) for even the stupidest of people can see what is really going on in racist America.

All of that is to say 2 things:

1) I’m currently doing academic research based on the study of exactly how bad the cops killing people is impacting Black children mentally and emotionally. I’ll post it here when complete. 😞 Afterwards a study on the impact it emotionally and mentally impacts Black adults. Mental health is just as vital as physical, but sadly too many have a misconception that it’s not real or that you can just ‘suck it up’ or ‘be a man’ and get over what is going on inside. Etc.

It’s not so simple as that; and having s mental illness is not sign of weakness NOR DOES IT MEAN THE PERSON IS CRAZY! In traumatic situations mental illnesses derive as a normal reaction of defense against an abnormal amount of cruelty. The brain does what it has to do to not overwhelm itself; that’s amazing not crazy. It is also sad and says so much about what kind of horrible state of racism plagues America, right now. Having to live daily with the stress and associated emotions of racism and stress, fears and sadness related to police abuse and police murders.

I truly hope people will begin to accept that mental health is important; it is not weak, it doesn’t make anyone crazy. It’s real and needs addressing; with no shame!

2) I started this with a quote from Tamir Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice.

She isn’t fooled by Hillary or Trump. No real leaders are running and that’s just real. I respect her for no endorsing anyone, and keeping her standards high.

On the top of my list of priorities for a future president is racism and police accountability as well as raising the standards rewuired people who want to become a police officer or any other form of “authority figure”.