For All Lives to Matter, Black Lives Must Matter! 

It frustrates me writing this as it’s not new and it is not shocking but common place… Not only the shooting of an unarmed Black male but I am fairly certain the cop who “accidentally” shot Charles Kinsey isn’t losing any sleep out of fear of losing his job or going to prison. Not even community service is a threat; no one punishes those who wear blue (unless it’s a white child and the cops are Black ).

I am truly speechless as I’ve said it all before. I’m angry because the communities need unity. Black, Brown and white all need to come together. We should demand higher standards from the people who are supposed to serve and protect. And that should not be selectively protecting. The racism in the police force should be something we all together demand be changed; or at least some of us!! More than this! If a cop says his oath to be an officer and then harms or kills he should have to do as the British; he is guilty until proven innocent. That’s how it should be. It shouldn’t be a capital offense to defend yourself against racist, trigger happy cops. They should face capital punishment for killing; they swore to protect- not serve as the judge and executioner.

Sickening. I do believe in petitions as I’ve seen them bring positive change. So below is s summary of this could have been fatal shooting and a link where you can add your name with mine, demanding the shooter, Jonathan Aledda, and the cop who made the call for more police, giving false word that the patient was armed (of course!)

The patient wasn’t armed, obviously, and neither was the behavioral therapist, Charles Kinsey. No matter, though, for as Mr. Kinsey, a professional, Black male in his 40s laid on the ground, trying to help a patient with autism, he became the next target.

He realized this, raised his hands in the air, and he shouted “don’t shoot” which alone sadly speaks volumes regarding the problem of racism and police. It’s a blessing that he survived; but it is unsettling as always to know how quickly and easily a Black man, woman or child can have their life placed on the line. After being shot Mr. Kinsey asked why he had been shot. The disrespectful response is proof of the apathy these cops have for Black lives, as the cop replied with a simple, “I don’t know.” !!!!

And all of you who complain about the phrase Black Lives Matter; yes others are victimized too! My god we know already. However! at the top of the racial profiling, brutality  and risk of being anther fatal victim, are Black lives.

Until that changes all lives clearly do not matter in America.

I’m Hispanic with horrid white skin and I am VERY sad and angry at the racism and double standards for whites and Blacks… It hurts but truth is sadly truth. So I speak out against it because even though I wish racism wasn’t alive; it tragically still is. Why is it so hard for others to accept the truth? Why do they want to make it about hate when the Black community has never been evil as white racists or slavers.

The sad  truth of racism is blatantly in front of everyone of us, it is sickening however, you look insanely stupid and brain dead to deny that yes, it is sad but the Black community is the racist cops first stop for brutalizing or killing.

Why there is so much evil in these cops towards non-whites, I’ll never understand. The hate the killer cops must have to harbor inside in order to behave so brutally and boldly is honestly only an extension of those who we used to call the overseers, during slavery. Today the overseers are known as police; they are all guilty from the one pulling the trigger to those who maintain the “blue shield of silence”- all are to blame. I’ll never understand the hate or fear or whatever it is; frankly I don’t even want to understand a ‘person’ that kills with ease or even attempts to kill.

The same is true for the police who beat and brutalize and harass. Anyone that can behave in those (and more) ways to people and walk around as though it never happened, smiling, has too much evil in them for me to want to try and “understand”. Racism has no legit logic to understand, there is no reason for whites to be racist.

It saddens me but I can understand why if it were a Black person who felt a bit racist for look at all that has gone on and is going on now! I can understand to a degree where that kind of racism would come from, though the divide it creates breaks my heart. But whites who are racist?

No. There is nothing that can “justify” or explain realistically the racial hate in too many whites. That kind of racism is simply evil.

Anyway, apologies for my rant. Black Lives Matter and until Black lives are given the same ‘sick privilege as white lives, all lives do not matter in this society to anyone who denies Black Lives Matter claiming it is hate based. … That’s absurdity. Obviously they don’t know what the definition of a hate based organization is.

But I digress. As I said petitions have and can make a difference; as well as raise awareness… Click below to join me and sign against racist cops.

Click here to sign.