Support Puerto Rico! NYC July 25th Demo!

I really am curious where and *WHY* white Amerikkka feels they have the right to invade and take by force or demand land and resources that are not theirs? The insolence and disregard for respect, morality and human life is absolutely sickening. Being Spanish I can’t help but feel anger as they’ve no business to invade, or as they would say, “liberate” a place and the people that dwell there. As if slaughtering the Natives of this place we now call America was not enough, in 2016 we hear them cry with paranoia over false terrorists; they may can fool others into thinking that the threat is someone overseas, or of this or that religion; but it’s clear to me the real terrorists in America have been the ones harassing and slaughtering unarmed people and walking free. The ones that think by invading and occupying Puerto Rico, a once independent country, and ‘allowing’ a change in title of ownership, to become a common wealth of America (just like Massachusetts and a few other states…it has no real significant meaning or change in anything other than calling their thieving something new, hoping we all will be so grateful for their kind compromise. Give me a break! Ugh. Solidarity with all in Puerto Rico; I’ll make sure I am there, NYC! It is our job to stand against the government when they are not serving the people or have gone corrupt; this is written in the bill of rights and other writings state the same thing… We aren’t doing our job of maintaining a good government for they should work for us; according to the logic used in the American legal system; especially within the bill of rights. There are so many reasons to stand up and demand better for all non-white people in this country; if you needed another reason before you joined the fight for revolution and a better life…This is a perfect one to jump on. Stolen land, America’s favorite pass time, apparently. Ugh. Check out the flyer and share!!! The people united will never be defeated…..!!! Uhuru!