Water Danger and Crisis Across America


Despite Flint’s water crisis being at least discussed on national media…sometimes…though not nearly covered enough, especially with the criminal governor still being free) I have seen even less regarding the problem with water contamination nationwide, not to mention air pollution and other dangerous toxin related issues. These toxic zones can be found mainly in the poor and/or Black communities of America.

For a country so “developed” the American government show little to less concern for its people and our well being.(I’d like to note, I am not singling out President Obama-this is the work and acceptance of generations along with members of the government; not one person alone.)

Though I am not staying in Alabama, where I am currently staying for a few months also has problems with water contamination. These people regularly seem to be getting a notice on the door to not drink the water a common thing.

It’s so common here not everyone respects the risk spoken either due to disbelief or no other options. The scariest part to me is no one talks about it here. Which raises the question how many other towns across The United States get similar water or other notices but don’t speak about it, buying unto local government excuses.

contaminated water in america not blood dirt.png
You are looking at thick, dirty mud mixed with water. This is not BLOOD WATER or some holy prophecy being fulfilled; This is a lake in West Texas that now serves as a secondary water source for people in the surrounding area.


As noted, the problem of Americans living in dangerous areas with contaminated air and water, just to start, does have a greater impact on the poor and non-white community & both do remain targets or have a percentage of environmental damage that is obviously biased.

However the problem regarding toxins is in America’s water system, so really from this problem no one is truly safe. What’s more, we know there are towns where no one is raising it as an issue or simply accepting it and not discussing it…but how many are there and what are real risks?


Back to the crisis facing 100,000 people in Alabama. 

The latest I’ve heard to make the news within the past days is an incident in Alabama, where the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority has just informed 100,000 people to stop using their water for both cooking and drinking.

West Morgan Water Authority general manager spoke at a press conference on Friday stating:

“I recommend that all our customers do not drink our water, until we are able to bring the temporary system our engineer is designing online.”

Water shouldn’t be used even after boiling or cleaning with different types of water filters for neither one removed the waters contaminats. This ban on drinking faucet water is to remain in effect until at least September.

Finally, the caring West Morgan water authority have flat out stated they’ve no

means to provide bottled water for its customers in the interim.”

They’ve also admitted that they have: 



No “means to provide bottled water for its customers in the inte


The chemicals inflicting the water are  perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid; both known to be a cause of cancer, thyroid damage, developmental problems in children as well as birth defects. 

These chemicals are typically used for industries which manufacture carpet sealants, waterproofing clothing, non-stick cooking devices, and the like. What’s considered most likely to be the cause of this contamination as of now is the companies making items such as the above noted, disposing their waste into the Tennessee River.

Of course this has been labeled insanity by at least one of the companies Vice President. As if anyone really expected them to admit to their consciously dangerous and potentially harmful, selfish behavior.

Water contamination due to self corporations and companies dumping their waste into our rivers, lakes and oceans is a problem on an even larger scale. No one wants to talk about it or acknowledge it because they think it has nothing to do with them. Yes, the dumping of corporate and industrial waste into our water does impact you and your long-term health! 

The ocean is by far the worst, and sadly I have learned by far too widely ignored by people all across the world. While activism matters against police racism and brutality, against corruption and so forth, we won’t have the ability to fight these injustices if we are all dead. And that’s exactly where we are headed by turning the other cheek when corporate America contaminates water that is used for drinking as well as fishing.

So while you may not be drinking the water, if you’re eating fish or anything obtained from or watered by this water, you are not safe from contamination.

Finally, while I wait my return back to New York, I have begun to wonder if simply bathing in the water is safe. The water is visibly contaminated, turning the water brown to red, other times producing a smell too like the sewer for my liking.

Interested to see what the local water company would tell me, I called and asked if the water was safe to bathe in considering the color, smell, the drinking and cooking ban…and received an answer equal to the verbal intelligence of someone rudly saying, “well, DUH! Of course it’s safe!”

I still doubt it’s safety. There are days when the water looks clear and normal, and I’ve no choice really; but when I can see it’s a color no water should ever be I refuse to touch it. But what about the people that actually live here and fail to take these water bans seriously?

And in how many other places across America have this same secret issue?

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