Sandra Bland’s Mother Speaks Truth to Activists

Sandra Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, speaks out and she does it far better than I. She also makes real points that we as activists against racism and against police brutality as well as all forms of government racial brutality and injustice need to think and act on.

She speaks of other beautiful Black women killed in similar ‘incidents’ in 2015. Click here to go through their photos and stories. It will open in a new window.

We owe this fight to them, to the mothers and families, to the children and to the people living right now that could be the next victim of this racist society that not only allows murder, but allows them to walk and all to often, keep their job. This is not the case when the victim is white, and the cops are Black. Again, I refer to the response to the murder of Jeremy Mardis and the blatant murder of Tamir Rice (and countless other Black children, men and women.)

This way we are going about changing things isn’t working. We need something new. We need to act, or shut up. Check out Sandra Bland’s video by clicking here, and/or watch my video above. (Sorry, I can’t get her video to embed… I suck at this sometimes).

If you have a movement or are wanting to start one to fight racism and the injustices the government is towards anyone not white, email me at

I’m down to fight and die if I must to see a change in this racist society. I’m ready to see something real; something making a difference…And I wanna be a part of it more than anything.


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