Donald Trump Advisor Joseph Schmitz Promotes Anti-Indian and Anti-Muslim Bigotry, Calls for End to the Vote for People Receiving Public Assistance.

I said I wouldn’t get involved much in politics; but that was prior seeing not only Trump running, but his insane, bigot followers and supporters come out in swarms I didn’t think possible. Sure, Amerikkka has a lot of morons, and racism is obviously a problem. And therein is my problem…what is more terrifying….

1) That this racist bigot is running or

2) that he has not only won my home [Ny, Ny], but moreover the number of people willing to accept and tolerate his policies! Even if he were absolutely last but still running, I’d be disturbed. But he’s running and actually winning some states.
ANYONE WHOM THINKS THERE ISN’T RACISM OR HATE IN THIS BIGOT NEEDS A MASSIVE REALITY CHECK! They aren’t the type who like accepting truth or reality. Disgusting.