Former Inmates Sue NY ‘Supermax’ Prison For Traumatizing Treatment

Let me just quickly say; being put in prison does NOT mean any of these men whom are filing claims against the violent, brutal beasts- deserved it or shouldn’t be taken seriously because they’ve been to prison.

The prison label does not by any means even suggest the person is any less than you or I. It surely does not make it acceptable to use them as souls who should be beaten savagely, tortured; used test subjects for their sick superiority games.

It’s sad I feel I have to even note this but I fear if I don’t too many will brush this off when it’s very serious. The American people need to realize the majority of prisoners in America are not murderers, rapists or child abusers. They each represent under 5% of the prison population.

These guys are just like any other person; they more than likely were just trying to get by, got caught up and while being punished in prison, they received unwarranted, illegal both nationally and internationally, abuses and torture.

Share their stories and voice with all who will listen; their voice matters and the true criminals, the violent, sadistic guards; they are the only monsters mentioned. THEY deserve punishment.


A controversial prison is making headlines again after several lawsuits were filed citing correctional officers’ brutal beatings and harassment against former inmates. The New York Daily News report

Source: Former Inmates Sue NY ‘Supermax’ Prison For Traumatizing Treatment

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