Free Em All: 50 Yearz Later, Black Pantherz Are Still Fighting for Freedom

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by asha bandele

…At its best the river of our struggle has moved consistently toward the ocean of humankind’s most courageous hopes for freedom and integrity, forever seeking what Black people in South Carolina said they sought in 1865:
The right to develop our whole being.

Vincent Harding

It’s early on the Monday morning, post-snowmaggedon 2016, and I have an unexpected 10 minutes to spare. I know I should close my eyes, center myself for the day ahead, but instead I FaceTime Baba Sekou Odinga. I don’t really have anything to say. Mostly I just pick on him, tell bad jokes, make faces, sing off-key. “Why you do that to that man,” the homie Everton who has been navigating me through the storm all weekend, asks, laughing.

And as soon he asks, it’s like I slip through a wrinkle in time, back 14 months to November 25th, 2014 when, after…

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