Sons Of Fallen Deputy Release Statement To The Public

I know this post is going to get me a lot of hate and that’s fine; I will stand by what I say because I mean it and it’s sad, but it’s how I feel.

First, let me get this out and understood; I do not wish death on other beings nor do I support someone removing a soul from this world…obviously.

However; it makes me angry to see that, despite police deaths being so dramatically lower than the victims of America’s police force, for some reason, white people in America seem to feel more sympathy when a cop dies than when a Black child is murdered by these same cops. If the police murdered white kids and people at the same ratio they do Black people there would be action.

Jeremy Mardis is clear proof of this. During a time where young Black males were being killed at an insanely quickening pace, the officers in those cases were not disciplined nor treated as the two Black cops involved in the death of white Jeremy Mardis. Within 3 days these officers were not only arrested and without jobs; but indicted on second-degree murder as well as attempted second-degree murder. Tamir Rice, on the other hand, didn’t have this luxury; despite the video which plainly and clearly shows his murder within about 2 seconds of the cop jumping from the racing squad car. Despite his killer’s past write ups at another police department during training, where they speak precisely about this male and his inability to maintain composure, take orders, control a gun or even correctly USE a gun… The instructor of firearms wrote numerous accounts of the soon to be Cleveland policeman’s trigger happy, carefree, happy to shoot attitude which, he goes on to note, was one of many reasons that made it evident he was not fit to be a police officer. Summarizing, it was concluded that neither time nor training could help Timothy become qualified enough to perform as even a basic police officer.

All of that information can be read or found here.

Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Devin Brown, Aiyana Stanley-Jones or cases of middle age Black males like Aron Shaw who was not only killed but tortured and beaten by police in Alabama, without any hint of national attention let alone outrage. Click here for his story and please share, we must never forget.

…I could go on and on to give you a list so long it would make any person with a soul sick and enraged.

Yes, white people reading this ready to write me your angry messages, yes, white people are victimized too. But white people are not targeted and do not have the same number of vicious attacks and deaths per ratio as Blacks do.

Some white people seem to understand this; and like me, perhaps, are deeply ashamed, deeply LOATHE that we have a skin color that is similar to these sick psychos! For more on my views about the disgusting privileges being light skin brings and why I despise it you can watch my video on YouTube, located here.

Police killing and beating random and innocent people is always wrong but it’s even worse when you have a group of people clearly being targeted. If you can’t admit, see or accept this I would seriously suggest questioning your views and self.

Why should I mourn those who either are involved in, or cover up for, killings, beatings, sexual abuse and so forth; with no accountability, no prison time, no punishment? Why should I care when the numbers show they are not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs, instead, they intentionally hire individuals within a certain criteria; that criteria searches for low IQs and low education (which is a good thing for the wanna be cop; being educated or intelligent won’t get you hired here).

Some may ask why; I hope all are asking why. [Note: The qualifications in this aspect varies vastly from county to county in America so don’t send me the ‘this isn’t how it is where I work BS… And even if you, by some chance, are from one of the rare police departments that actually allow people with a good education or above average IQ, I do not believe you honestly and in good conscience tell me there is not malice or abusive behavior that occurs and is tolerated… At times encouraged, even. Police accountability is virtually non-existent in America unless they pick a person the media feels the people will sympathize with (such as, a white kid).

This is sick, horrible and depressing to write and I assume to read. But it is true; that is what makes it so hard to comprehend. Sadly, denying or ignoring it doesn’t fix it. Sugar coating doesn’t make it go away. Just because you feel safe in your white skin does not mean those with color are a danger or deserving of this sick trend America’s kept going for centuries -only changing the name and procedure slightly to keep the sheep at bay.

Wake up.

They look for this research studies criteria in those they hire because studies have shown educated and/or more intelligent individuals tend to not be as quick to resort to violence, excessive force or murder. On the other hand, the opposites; low intelligence, little or no education…these tend to be more trigger happy, quick to anger, prejudice, so forth… They also tend to usually get the job over their intelligent counterparts. Why would anyone want to have or be in the position to harm or kill others you ask? I have no idea. I do know males in law enforcement profession tend to be more abusive at home to their spouse as well as children. Maybe they are power hungry? Maybe they are just flat out cruel and enjoy the evil acts they commit?

I assume it is a mixture of all things and probably differs from each. Bigotry, racism, wanting to feel like they matter, seeking control and power, wanting to be important, being of bad temper and emotion regulation; (trigger happy)… I can see why they would have a lot of self hatred; they are more likely than not to hold prejudices, being that they are also more likely uneducated they obviously are ignorant…

Ignorant is a synonym for uneducated, so don’t get mad; if they wanted to learn and progress to be good souls then they would probably lose their job so they hold on to the ignorance, cowardice, lack of self worth which they find goes away -just like bullies- when they are beating on someone else or using that trigger finger that I look at and feel vomit begin to fester within at their cruel, selfish self inflation and racism or hatred for anyone whom is not what they want to see; for anyone they know they can beat or kill and -in a breeze- get away with the crime.

Sons Of Fallen Deputy Release Statement To The Public


As a community continues to mourn the loss of two Harford County deputies killed in the line of duty, the sons of Deputy Pat Dailey release a statement to the public.

Source: Sons Of Fallen Deputy Release Statement To The Public

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