“We’re a Living Science Experiment.” Methane Gas Leak Critical

Methane is a global warming pollutant that is about 80 times more potent at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. However, methane stays in the atmosphere for only about two decades, whereas carbon dioxide remains for many centuries, warming the climate over the long term.

“Methane is a really bad pollutant, it tends to have a bigger impact closer in than carbon, it doesn’t go as far,” said former New Jersey governor and EPA administrator Christine Todd Whitman, in an interview with Mashable. “[Methane] concentrates more and it’s more of an issue and people are gonna start to recognize that, and question again that while this is better certainly than coal, it’s not as good as we could be.”

This is tragic but not new… All over America this insanity is and has been going on; because they were allowed to do it. More info on the places that aren’t making the news will be up asap….So for now…
This has been going on in Cali/LA area for awhile, but no one bothered doing anything because, why should they care, right? Over 10,000 people have had to relocate; the gases released are causing sicknesses and else… (In the below article the government says that number is about 2,000 people… They need to sort their numbers out, do the research yourself if you believe I am wrong.)
The videos below explain the epidemic better than I; but I want to note; THIS IS NOT SOMETHING THE GOVERNMENT OR SOCALGAS HAS BEEN TRYING TO FIX FROM THE START; THIS STARTED OCTOBER 23……

“…gas leak from a faulty well was detected at the SoCalGas Aliso Canyon storage facility on October 23. Reports indicate that the risks of a total blowout of the well have increased with every attempt to contain it.

The leaking gas is mostly methane, a potent greenhouse gas, but also contains carcinogenic gasses such as benzene. The sulfur additives required to detect colorless and odorless methane are also toxic. More than 10,000 people living nearby have been forced to relocate because they were becoming sick from breathing the gasses. The gas leak is emitting 4.5 million cars’ worth of pollution every day. (Watch gasses being steadily being released in the following video):” Click HERE for the rest of this article.

Gas shown releasing in an infrared video:

From above… Remember, this is a steady, sickening and life altering -not to mention planet altering- flow of a very potent gas; it takes no breaks; it’s been going on since October 23rd…

“The Aliso Canyon leak involves just one of more than 100 wells at the facility, and it is not an easy one to shut down. The well is more than 8,500 feet deep, and stores 86 billion cubic feet of gas. The well failure is thought to have occurred 1,000 feet underground. At the leak’s peak, it was spewing at about 72 million standard cubic feet of methane a day, which emitted the same amount of global warming pollution as driving 9 million cars a day, according to Tim O’Connor, who runs EDF’s oil and gas program in California.

The leak rate has declined to about 38 million standard cubic feet of methane per day, which is equivalent to driving 4.5 million cars per day, O’Connor said in an interview with Mashable. One indication of how large the leak has been is the fact that it has sent enough global warming pollution into the air to equal all of the emissions from California’s other oil and gas facilities combined.”

According to Mark Brownstein with EDF, if you were to calculate how much methane released since this began, it represents about 2% of the entire EPA estimated emissions for all U.S. natural gas operations. “That gives you an idea of the magnitude of this particular leak,” he said during a conference call with reporters on Jan. 8.

Brownstein said scientists have observed other large methane emissions sources around the U.S., but none on this scale.” – To read more click HERE

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