US Prison Explosion

Another project I am very passionate about and have been working on for 10+ years- the prison INDUSTRY…. this is just sickening…and another bit of activism i need to get up on again, I have 14 different causes or branches of that i fight for… I don’t have a lot of time but please know I always am trying my best. Back soon!

2 thoughts on “US Prison Explosion”

    1. Nice to meet you! Thank you for your comment! ❤
      I am a psychologist and have been doing research and studies on that very topic! It is very disturbing but what is more is how obvious this should be … no, how obvious this IS to the Government, yet they don't care… Why? Money. I'm working on a paper about that as well, it's so sickening how low some will go for money… Ignoring the poor, the mentally ill, those in need of help are being abused and it is not right by any means… It has to be changed somehow… There has to be some kind of hope… Thank you for your comment!!

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