Officials Now Blaming Sandra Bland’s Family…

Sandra Bland’s arrest was uncalled for, especially with the level of force and violence exhibited, which further feeds the question what really happened to Sandra Bland?

Her family has been fighting without rest to try and get some closure in their daughters unwarranted and mysterious death. This is the most recent answer they’ve received instead…

The same officials are NOW -randomly- saying she killed herself because, “of her family and friends failure to bail her out of jail”.… It took them awhile but they must have realized if they lie and find a way to make it the families fault, they can try and get the case dismissed. Which is exactly what they are doing.A sudden bout of extreme insanity must have over come anyone who took part in the blaming of her loved ones. If the Judge dismisses the case upon their request it will absolutely finalize my belief that there is no justice in the American legal system.

Now they are stating she actually wasn’t suicidal after all when she arrived or when she was charged. She became suicidal only after realizing no one had posted the money to get her out of jail. Not only is this an obvious lie from left field, but it is a lie that seems to want to try and emotionally harm anyone close to her.  Perhaps I’m wrong in that last part… I hope I am, but I don’t feel confident in that.

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Bland’s family members, who have tirelessly fought for answers in her death, believe the jail was negligent. An official autopsy shows that Bland died from an apparent suicide — authorities say the young woman hanged herself three days after she was arrested during a traffic stop. Activists and family members who say Bland had everything to live for believe the details surrounding her death are mysterious, especially given the violent way Bland was handled during her arrest.

Now, attorneys are arguing that Bland became distraught after she could not raise the $515 needed to be released from jail.

From The Chicago Tribune:

“It is apparent now that Bland’s inability to secure her release from jail — and her family and friends’ refusal to bail her out of jail — led her to commit suicide,” the motion said.


“In this case, (the jailers) conducted suicide screenings of Bland, and she indicated she was not suicidal,” the motion said. “She disclosed a prior suicide attempt, but based on the totality of the circumstances, including Bland’s demeanor and the charges against her, (the jailers) did not find her to be suicidal.”

The jail allowed her to make several phone calls in an attempt to raise bond, including to a Texas man with whom Bland had been staying, “but it appeared he was intentionally ignoring her calls,” the motion said. Bland also contacted a bail bondsman, who, the jail said, contacted Bland’s mother and other relatives.

Cannon Lambert, a Chicago-area attorney who represents Bland’s mother, called the motion “extremely premature.”

“I think it’s amazing that they said that,” Lambert said. “I’m not sure how they can say that without having taken my client’s deposition.”

“It is very, very early in this litigation for them to have filed that kind of motion. They’re making allegations about what my clients know or what my clients did, without even having spoken to them, and I’m curious about how it is they can come to the conclusion that [Bland’s male friend] was ignoring phone calls . . . They’ve certainly not given us any statements in discovery that reflects that that’s the case.”

The officer involved in Bland’s arrest was placed on administrative leave. The jailers present during Bland’s stay have not been charged or reprimanded.

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