Myth Busted: Pit Bulls Don’t Bite Differently

While I’m working on my own post to bust myths about the Pit Bull Terrier, I found this wonderful article I believe everyone needs to see. It’s sad this kind of stuff even needs to be written or discussed, but it sadly does. Please share truth with others and encourage them to share… People need to stop seeking out and making up ways to hate or kill as so many do with ‘pit bulls’ and figure out a way to help stop the lies and misinformation.

In recent years, things have been looking up for the dogs we call “pit bulls” and their families. Breed specific legislation is on the way out. Shelters that discriminate against dogs based on appearance are the exception. The old wives tales that fueled canine discrimination have been debunked and dismissed.

Except for one: Some people are still perpetuating the myth that “pit bull” dogs bite differently than other dogs. Unfounded claims persist about the severity and nature of incidents involving “pit bull” dogs versus other types of dogs. Claims about the “unique damage that ‘pit bull’ dogs inflict” are made by individuals or special interest groups with no experience in analyzing dog bite-related injuries or knowledge of dog physiology or behavior.

Let’s bust this myth once and for all.

First, it must be understood that “pit bull” is not a breed. Attempts at legal definitions of what a “pit bull”…

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