Sister: Officers Who Used Stun Guns on Man Should be Charged

The 12th of this month I posted an article about a man by the name of Linwood Lamber... He was shackled hands and feet, tasered at the entrance to a hospital emergency room by police before being taken back and ultimately killed. All of this was caught on video, staff at the hospital including one nurse who states she saw 3 of them on him at once using their taser guns, so in a just world this would be an open and shut case. But he is a Black male, and he claimed he was on cocaine. Whether he was an addict or not does not make one bit of difference as to how the police treated him.

Actually, it does. If there is a mentally disturbed person -including disturbed because of drug intoxication- cops are supposed to be able to handle that situation…that’s part of their job. To handle it like a man, not like a racist murderer. To handle it without using excessive force; without even considering the use of deadly force. That seems almost impossible to police in America though and as with every case like this, they end up dead while in the hands of some cops.

Whether or not he was on Coke, but especially if he did have drugs in his system, he needed help (thus why he jumped out of the car and ran to the ER doors)- he didn’t need volts of electricity surging thru him. But that’s exactly what happened.

It happened deliberately, with anger and a coldness that one would have to have in their heart in order to do the following. He begged them to stop, to not kill him. That’s when he mentions that he is on Coke.

Instead of making sure he safely made it into the hospital they drug him back to the police squad car, put him inside where they continued torture him, tasering him for ‘not sitting up straight’ and things of that nature. There is plenty of video and still frame evidence; not to mention witnesses. These cops are cold blooded killers and should be treated as such.

All died may have needed help without the taser being involved – bottom line is drug usage or not, these cops had no right to deny him access to medical care. The fact that it led to his death should put them in prison. Police officers need to be held to a higher accountability than anyone else for they swear to serve and protect but typically end up doing the opposite of what their oath stated.

Because cops aren’t held to a high enough standard in America, as their safety continues to rise while civilians falls (around cops). Unless, as we have seen lately, it is someone with white skin. Of course no one, from a white man to a Black child or vice versa deserves to die at the hand of police and my heart goes out to anyone who has passed away, I just want it to be clear and facts are facts- if the victim is white the chances of the cops being arrested and charged is far higher than when the victim isn’t white.

I have nothing against the victims; I have a problem with the system.

Police think they are tough because they have a badge, gun, taser and they know they can beat and/or kill and get away with it…again, given they do it to the right person. The racism within the American legal system has always been damn blunt if you studied it, but with the recent murders by police and the only one being taken seriously being one that is not too different from many other cases, it is pouring salt into the wound. We shouldn’t allow that. But I digress.

Here is a bit more on the case; the family has taken this to court and we can only hope and pray they’ll get the punishment they deserve for murdering a person in such a savage way. However, if/when that doesn’t happen, we need to be ready to tell the world what they did and expose everything possible. Evil can’t stand forever.
Sister: Officers Who Used Stun Guns on Man Should be Charged

Source: Sister: Officers Who Used Stun Guns on Man Should be Charged