Double Standards for Black and White Students Must End

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 8.52.55 PMAs the GOP debates went on a few nights past, there was another racist crime being committed at the University of Missouri. I watched my Twitter feed as students began to panic because some sick, racist psycho decided to threaten every Black student with death.

On a social media app, YikYak, an anonymous person(s) posted death threats. Kill any Black student on sight, is basically what this person said he would do. Where is the media? Where is security? While more Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 11.20.30 PMhate filled monsters chanted hate -pointlessly- into the night, students tweeted the location of these dangerous sites to others, asked for the cruelty to stop and were given the worst advice ever from the University of Missouri’s “security”. Their main security posted this, pretty much leaving students in a state of confusion without the security and safety they deserve. On the left is a screen shot of the information posted for students that night. The next post isn’t made until November 11th, at 6:00am when they have the main suspect in custody.

– Where is the media!? Yes, the debates were on but had this been a threat made by Blacks to whites this would have been breaking news.

Quickly, the situation was growing more intense, but the security was doing the very least they could do, it seemed to me. I watched tweets, videos and photos coming up in my feed, I spoke with friends as I could and felt more and more sick. The GOP debates were still raging on, where was the national attention? We all know had it been reversed it’d have stopped every channel! Where do these unwarranted, unfounded and flat out stupid feelings some whites seem to have towards Black people derive from? Why in hell was this not treated as seriously as it should have been?!

Students began to leave campus as death threats, racist chants, kkk members and groups of racist students engaged in acts to terrorize Black students. Making this not only a hate crime, but also a terrorist attack. That is exactly what these heartless racists are; they are the true terrorists.

IMG_1590Students contacted professors asking questions, to find little understanding from what I’ve gathered. The only professor that gave an answer of truth and sad honesty, I have posted below. He canceled class, which is good, but more importantly, he realized how privileged he and any white students were, while also recognizing that his Black students shouldn’t have to make a choice which may endanger their life just to come to school. So as he said, if everyone could not come with the same privilege of feeling and being safe; no one would come (paraphrased). That is hope. If more white people understood that we have a ‘privilege’; one we shouldn’t have unless all people have, but sadly the world doesn’t work the way the below professor does.

For the other professors that responded rather differently… there can be many speculations but I’m going to go out on a limb and say they didn’t consider what it would feel like to be in the Black student’s place.

It’s hard to grasp my mind around that though. The psychological trauma and stress as the very least these students had to undergo not only from death threats, but verbal racism and their school not doing nearly enough to ensure safety, it should go without saying no student should have had a professor tell them the date of the exam won’t be moved, so make your choice. Risk your life for the exam or miss it.

What disrespect for human life! He wrote his resignation letter to the University shortly after seeing the response of students and others, however the University has declined to accept his resignation. The reason he decided to write it he told the press was:

“I am just trying to do what I think is best for our students and the university as an institution,” Brigham said to KOMU 8 News. “If my leaders think that my leaving would help, I am all for it. I made a mistake, and I do not want to cause further harm.”

I am so tired of this double standard that exists between light skin/ white people and Black people. It is shaming, enraging, unjust and flat out wrong; but it is there, like a shadow you can’t get rid of.

Watching updates on the threats, reading these students thought thoughts and talking to friends made me feel so guilty; I always do, how could one not?

From here I couldn’t do anything but try and listen; to try and obtain media attention which was at best unaware of the situation; at worse they didn’t care. I sincerely hope it was the first reason. Out of frustration I made a YouTube video (on the left), but what could I say besides the truth; truth of sadness, anger, of how painfully unfair this is in so many ways.

I hate my skin. Being light skinned means I am exempt from mindless and evil hate treatment -treatment no one should have to experience yet still do. Try to imagine the situation reversed; or search Twitter for hashtag #BlackonCampus. It is the least thing anyone who doesn’t understand what it would be like personally can do.

In order for us to do that, white people are going to have to admit that we are given better treatment and that is a disgusting, terrible thing to have when others aren’t granted the same. I will never understand why some white people have such a hard time admitting that racism is still very much alive; why they have such a hard time admitting that light skin gives you an easier path; maybe it’s the guilt and shame. I don’t want to be treated better because of I have light skin, I feel guilt and great shame as well, but you can’t avoid truth. As sick as it is we must realize and accept what is happening in full, and unite against the real enemy. Racism is a distraction to try and divide and conquer the people; it’s far past time we all unite.

I’ll end this by saying if more white people, especially men, were as open and direct about racial issues and ‘privileges’ as the professor in the above photo, we’d be in a much better place. It isn’t pleasant, it hurts; but never abuse it or take it for granted- doing all we can for the greater good of all.