This is so important, please check out hashtag #BlackOnCampus and try to imagine if you had to deal with this on top of every day life. Racism is real and still very much alive. If anything it is in some ways worse today because too many refuse to accept the fact that racism can exist because, for example they’ll say, “we have a Black president”…
Thoughts such as those are precisely why this hashtag is so vital for all to see. These people sharing their experiences and realities under the “BlackonCampus” hashtag need to be heard and shared, especially now. Please check out the BlackOnCampus hashtag and share their stories and words to remind America that racism is far from over.


CTnX_BRUkAEiwXm#BlackOnCampus (2015) is a Twitter hashtag that went viral this week in the wake of protests against racism at US universities – Yale, Mizzou and, now, at Ithaca College. In all three cases, those in authority refused to face up to the racism at their universities.

Racism at universities is nothing new: PWIs (Predominately White Institutions) have always been racist. First by not admitting Blacks at all, then by making them and other students of colour feel unwelcomed and unsafe, turning a blind eye to the racism they face, writing it off as “isolated incidents”, being “oversensitive” and so on.

Black Twitter weighs in:

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