Family Files Lawsuit After Virginia Man Tased, Refused Medical Attention Dies In Police Custody [VIDEO]

This isn’t the first time I’ve had this happen but more and more of my friends, activists and a lot more people are thinking/feeling the same way I’m sure. That is hopeless; this keeps happening and America is doing nothing about it. Because police brutality has had so much more exposure thanks to greatly to social media I hear a lot of people saying they feel hopeless because nothing is changing.

It has changed though, and it will only continue to change but only if we continue to fight and demand it do so.  How has it changed?

I started fighting racism and police brutality in particular a little over a decade ago. I worked with a national organization; while we did a lot of things, the thing which made it well known was we had people whom  documented racial profiling, police brutality as well as police misconduct and abuse as a whole. My friend and now ex-boss has won Emmy awards as well as other related awards for work that was place on networks from CNN to NBC.  I think the world of him and all he has done; he works relentlessly for the organization is far more than documenting.

But I digress…My point is, even with all the racial profiling and police abuse he and the organization exposed; even winning awards for, we never saw any sort of uprisings by the people like we are now, EVEN THOUGH THE SAME THINGS ARE GOING ON; EVEN THOUGH NOTHING HAS GOTTEN BETTER. Other than now we have people in the streets, writing online, recording, exposing and documenting like never before these cases of racism and brutality.

And that is my point. As sick as this is. as tragic as it is, we have improved. Not much, no. But people are waking up; people are risking their safety and lives to stand up for what is right, demanding justice, demanding change.

And the best part is, it seems to be growing stronger. No more racism; no more killer, abusive, power hungry cops. People are waking up and though we should be long past this issue, we are where we are. As hard as it is to not feel frustrated I hope that fact, tiny as it may seem, that people have woken up and are DOING something now unlike previous years when the same things were going on. Please take that little bit and see the hope in it. It needs to be nurtured and can’t be forgotten, we must continue to expose and fight back and get the information out.

Change will come and we will win; but no matter how slow it seems to be happening, it is happening. These abusers and killers won’t always be able to do what they are doing and walk away from it unpunished; still a cop.

Change has begun and won’t stop unless we allow it to; which I don’t see happening. We are making change now though. Let us continue to unite, never give up; fight and fight until we win the basic right of everyone being treated equally. No more police murdering or beating or etc people just to get paid leave and then return to the force.

Never give up hope! The struggle continues; keep fighting along with it… In the end, the just will win.

A family in Virginia files a lawsuit after a man is tased and dies in police custody.

Source: Family Files Lawsuit After Virginia Man Tased, Refused Medical Attention Dies In Police Custody [VIDEO]

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