Ex-cop with 6 kill notches teaches police how to shoot or be killed

All I can say is, this is by no means surprising; sickening, but surprising. Who better to carry on the majority of cops belief in the blue shield or their vicious and fatal measures they take, knowing they not only have a shield and gang of fellow cops to lie for them, but also, they have their badge.
Sadly that means any person who doesn’t study, research, think about or anything else on their own, rather simply watch Fox News or the like, they would never, ever believe a cop to be guilty. (what a SICK joke).


Ex-cop with 6 kill notches teaches Police how to shoot or be killed

A former Arizona police officer, who killed six people during his 12-year career before it ended after the latest shooting, is now selling firearm training simulators that jolt people who hesitate to shoot.

James Peters, former police officer with the Scottsdale PD, applied for “accidental disability retirement” in 2012 after he shot a 50-year-old man in the head with a rifle. The deceased, John Loxas, who was holding his baby grandson in his arms at that moment, had a record of threatening neighbors with firearms.

Peters reported seeing a black object in Loxas’ trouser pocket, believing it to be a handgun. It was actually a phone, but Peters learned that only after killing the man in what he called an action necessary to protect the baby.

The officer left…

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