Tony Soto’s Situation As Cop Continues Abuse Videos -Series-Part 2

Below will be my final post on Tony Soto until there is more news. I encourage you to follow him on Facebook and check his videos out. The rest of this post I am going to let him and his videos spread the word but first I will sum up the current issue. Currently, he is being harassed, stalked and he fears it won’t be long before he is caught without a camera and he will be the next victim of police racist, hate crimes. (Video below). Before I share the rest of the info, I must add; while filming the cops is very important, sadly even when there is a camera on it doesn’t mean the police will hesitate to kill, stalk, beat or anything else; as Tony Soto proves by himself.

Philly Police Caught In Act Plotting On Viral Philly Activist Tony Soto 8-5-15 iPhone

Far too many Americans put the police on a throne for some reason; some insane reason, they refuse to accept the truth, even when it is as in your face as many, many police brutality cases. That is an insult to every victim, activist on its own.  We must NEVER lose hope.

After his video went viral, Tony says he has been been receiving threats from cops. Given the videos and evidence, anyone should clearly be able to see he is speaking nothing but the truth; and sadly, tragically; he isn’t the only one.

On FaceBook he posted this photo not long after his vid went viral; anything suspicious to you?After his video went viral, Tony says he has been been receiving threats from cops. On facebook he posted this photo not long after his vid went viral; anything suspicious to you?

Tony posted a picture of a cop car outside of where he was. With the photo he stated: “Why r the police sitting outside of where I’m at? I’m not even home I just parked my car here seriously.”

[As seen in the photo he took which is located on the left.]

As he stated many times (and has now been proven correct):

I’m Targeted by Philadelphia Police,specially in the 15th district and officer Holloway.”


Finally, this is a video Tony Soto believes everyone needs to see… So, here goes…

On a website Tony wrote the following:

I wanna show yall something because there are a lot of cops out here watching me right. So people don’t think that I’m paranoid and stuff. I just stepped in my car. Look at this cop! See him sitting right over there? Don’t be surprised if I pull off and they jump behind me. Just so people can see theirselves. And I think it’s the cop that pulled me over March 25th”

Those were my words as I entered my car and decided to pull off. No sooner than I do and get a block and a half away they come flying up behind me. I’m thinking, I called this- I knew it! So I pull over before they are anywhere near me and was thinking about exiting my car but feared them pulling up on me and opening fire saying that I was trying to run. So I stayed in my car and you see them pull up. In the process of this the police were unaware that the community was watching everything and had also caught onto their motive. That’s the phone call I received was about.

In the video you see Officer Holloways partner approach the car and I ask for a supervisor multiple times, because at this point, I am fearful for my life. He refuses my request, then tries to pull me out my car. At this point, for the sake of not getting shot, I went on and gave them my paperwork. When I asked why I was being stopped Holloways partner says “Oh we can’t see into the car [because] the tint.’’ But let’s not forget that they watched me get into the car and my passenger window was already down!

Shortly after this, multiple members of the community show up and start filming and I have someone call for a supervisor. The supervisor shows up and is just as ignorant and dumb as his officers and says that my brake light is not visible, and this is why I was stopped. “Well of course it wouldn’t be visible because his officers were nowhere behind me when I was stopped.” Then the supervisor goes on to say the tint permit (Vehicle Sun Screening Permit) is invalid because it’s something that I made up.

Well that just goes to show he’s just dumb as a bag of bricks because there is a such thing. Actually the name speaks for itself. It’s called a Vehicle Sun Screening EXEMPTION Permit. And the word exemption means the holder is not held to the sun screening law that applies to everyone else. This exempts me from receiving a ticket under that motor vehicle code violation law. In order to obtain this Permit in PA you must make application to PennDOT via Motor Vehicle Form MV-402. But as we know, most Philadelphia Police Officers don’t know the law, they just know how to shoot and kill unarmed men and women.

The sad part about this whole stop (to stray away from the tint issue) is to go back to the tape where you can see Holloway a block and a half away from me when I began driving down the street. It shows that from the beginning, this whole traffic stop was false and set up by Philadelphia Police Officer Holloway to specifically harass me. Also lets keep in mind that Holloways partner writes a ticket for the tint and that makes no sense, because on March 25th Holloway didn’t write a ticket, in addition to all the other traffic stops since where I was targeted and no officer wrote a ticket for tint after being given the Exemption Form. So what’s the real reason I’m being targeted?

As you can see this is just another illustration of the disturbing reality that police officers think that ‘Badges Grant Extra Rights’ WHEN THEY DON’T. Officer Holloway & his partner From the Philadelphia Police Department in the 15th District just got busted AGAIN- harassing, lying and stalking activist Tony Soto. There’s no secret that if Mr. Soto was not recording and the community was not out in full force we might instead be reading about Mr. Soto being shot and killed for reaching for his Driver’s License or an object that never existed. Then there would be the inevitable dragging of his character through the mud by mainstream media. Just as happened with the Brandon Tate Brown case! This is the untold story of countless individuals who didn’t have the tape to prove they were a target and ended up dead. Tony Soto could have been the next Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner or Brandon Tate Brown; who were all targeted by police and are no longer here to tell their story. And have yet to have their killers in law enforcement brough to justice. Tony Soto’s videos hint at their stories, besides his own, and goes to show that in America no one is safe from Blood Thirsty Cops. No matter if you’re black, white or hispanic. When cops go on a power trip It’s either Comply Or Die! Officer Holloway has yet again been EXPOSED!

-Tony Soto