Tony Soto’s Police Abuse Video Series-Part 1

“I’m going to set my phone back down before I get shot and they say that I’m reaching for something.” Tony says to the camera sitting, waiting and wondering why the cop suddenly -and strangely- decided to move to the other side of the street without speaking to him again during his ‘traffic stop’. – Tony Soto

That face you make when you go to court and the Sun Screening ( illegal Tint as The Police Call It ) ticket gets thrown out. That's the first one! Thank you Jesus! Shout out to my attorneys! I recommend them to anyone in Philly! The Law Offices Of Greg Prosmushkin 9637 Bustleton Ave Philadelphia PA 19115
“That face you make when you go to court and the Sun Screening ( illegal Tint as The Police Call It ) ticket gets thrown out. That’s the first one! Thank you Jesus! Shout out to my attorneys! I recommend them to anyone in Philly!
The Law Offices Of Greg Prosmushkin
9637 Bustleton Ave
Philadelphia PA 19115″

This video was released back in late March; soon thereafter it went viral. But there are far more videos from Tony besides that one video; videos which only further confirm the blatant point which is: Tony Soto was not pulled over for any reason other than the officer wanted to pull him over and I feel sadly secure in the assumption his main reason for stopping Mr. Soto was because he could and wanted to.

Filming the entire situation; from the very start to after the incident when he was at home responding to the media’s misleading and twisted words spoken on local television by local cops and other media officials regarding what happened. The cop says he’s pulling him over for a few reasons. The first reason he gives is because of Tony’s tinted windows. After he pulls out his tint permit sealed by the state of PA, it isn’t too long before the cop moves on to another reason… Tony’s main headlights were out, he states.

With no effort made Tony displays his lights –which are working perfectly– thus exposing the officer to be just another cop looking for trouble and not expecting the citizen to be so well informed of their rights (as you see in the video). The officers attitude changes, and thankfully he wasn’t violent because Tony’s situation could have gone a lot worse. This cop has the typical cop attitude; testy, arrogant, egotistical, vain with an air of self importance.

I suppose that’s easy to feel when you are never held accountable for any action of misconduct, abuse or murder. But when the cop attempts to violate Tony’s constitutional rights, he gives all the proper documentation as well as his fire fighter badge to the cop, requesting the cop contact his supervisor so Tony may speak with him.

Before I post the videos I have to add something that I find rather abnormal. It seems there is a divide; there are some people who are hating him, and others who love & support him (I’m in the latter group). But I don’t have any idea what reason the haters have to hate Tony…

Other than perhaps they only know of him what they heard from the police department and/or the media…forgetting that whether true or not the past is absolutely irrelevant to this incident.

Or, the only other thing I can figure to cause hate in some is they are simply jealous because they aren’t as informed or well spoken as well as outspoken as Tony.

Tony Soto posted another video that night which is in the below video series, which you can watch and discern for yourself… This is nothing new, this happens far too frequently. I have had too many friends speak of being nervous driving in certain areas because of police. The cops can pull anyone over they want; anytime they want and to anyone they want. Please do learn your rights and be safe; protect yourselves. But also stay smart. The majority of the time the cops don’t go as smoothly or without the violent behavior of the police.

Though this cop is rude and arrogant, he at least didn’t harm Tony. Though how the event ends is highly odd and strange. Watch for yourself, listen to what Tony says. He isn’t the first by any means nor is he going to be the last I fear to be stopped in the same manner as he was that evening. That’s why we must keep fighting for police accountability, removing hate and racism and holding these cops to a higher standard than average citizens.

“We’re going to stop all this nonsense with you guys down here- just stopping people and doing whatever you want so that’s done, those days are over.”-Tony

“I’m glad you think you’re changing the world.” -Cop

“No sir actually, let me explain something to you, I’m not changing the world okay, I’m professional, and we’re going to change it one person at a time.”-Tony

Video part1 The ‘ traffic stop ‘ begins.

Tony’s Video Part2; During Traffic Stop

Video Part3; During Traffic Stop

Video 4- Tony Soto’s Response To Philadelphia Police Fox29 News After Story Aired; very interesting. The cops responded on local news claiming the allegations made was done with the intent to and I quote,“bait the police.”... No, I’m not joking.

As he says in this video,[paraphrased] the last time he checked, it was the police officers who stopped him, not the other way around.
He goes on to say he isn’t anti-police; however all forms of abuse the police participate in or commit is BLATANTLY WRONG.

As he states regarding the illegal traffic stop and harassment by police, the video offers a prime example of one of the many ways in which police get away with behaving in any manner they desire.

To Check out the next post, which I will post in a few moments to see what the cops have been up to, and how it is impacting Tony’s life.

Part 2…His current situation….


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