Hurricane Katrina; A Personal Memoire

Katrina was a horrible, horrible tragedy; one which has been fixed in areas where the money flows in, while the heart and soul of the city has been forgotten by the government and any form of organization that could and should help; but haven’t and more than likely, won’t.

Black America Web

It was so different back then.   No Twitter, no Facebook, there weren’t even any Smart phones.  So when news of the storm hit while we were taping our TV show in Los Angeles, we found out the old fashioned way…on the news.

We loved New Orleans, and all the cities on the Gulf Coast.  Since the beginning of the TJMS we were heard in Mississippi towns of Gulf Port, Bilxoi and Natchez, Meridian, some of the places hit hardest by Katrina.  When they had a problem, so did we.

Radio, black radio in particular, has connections with its audience like none other.  Whether it’s electing a president or covering a major disaster, our audience knows we will represent them and offer a perspective unlike what they’ll get from mainstream media.

We knew something was going on but like the rest of the country we thought the worst was over once…

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