Deanna Robinson; 38weeks Pregnant; Cops Punch Her Stomach, Beat Her & Remain Active

“I’m 38 weeks pregnant, and with my stomach again repeatedly pressed into that counter, and with my 18-month old son watching his mother be assaulted, and him screaming in fear,” she says. “There’s nothing that warrants what they did to me.”

She remembers the officers telling her ‘We’re here to remove your son,’ and her replying, ‘Nobody is touching my kid without a court order or a warrant.’ The officers reportedly did not present any papers…” – Deanna Robinson, victim of police brutality and cruelty.

Call the Hunt County Sheriff’s Department at (903) 453-6800. Express your outrage, say whatever is on your heart; voice your feelings… And please, spread the word; I explained how I’ve seen Deanna’s video (below) and pictures and that the period of cops beating and killing without punishment will come to an end. These inhumane, remorseless acts of brutality will NO LONGER be tolerated.

Deanna Robinson Police Punch Pregnant Woman
Deanna’s bruised stomach and legs after police beat her.

I wrote a massive article on this earlier and somehow it has vanished… This case enrages me so much I ended up making the following video about Deanna Robinson and the twisted cop who punched her numerous times in the stomach despite her shouting “I’m pregnant!” Despite her being 38 weeks pregnant and clearly showing that she would be giving birth to a new life any day. All of this happened in front of her toddler, whom they took from her.

He watched, 18 months old, as two cops kept his mother, Deanna Robinson, in the corner of her kitchen as she tries to protect her stomach. In between the sadistic punches aimed clearly at her pregnant stomach, she was then handcuffed and arrested. These criminals came in to her home with force, hurt her physically and emotionally, traumatized her 18 month old child who had no say in anything and had been through enough in his short life. No one showed any sign of caring for the SOUL, for comforting the struggles and pain in which Deanna, as any of us would, tried to cope with. They wanted to take away her son due to her previously abusive ex-boyfriend. Her hormones are so out of control given how far along she is in pregnancy…all she needed was some kindness.

But again; even with their cruelty, she did no wrong! The COPS did, but they had to come up with something, so they arrested her, charging her out of no where and for no reason with:

resisting arrest, assault on a public servant and interference in child custody.

A close friend confided to a writer the following update on Deanna:

After releasing this story, I was contacted by a close friend of the victim  and she was able to provide some additional updates, none of which is good news…

” She was taken to jail and her son was placed in foster care even though there were family members willing to care for the child. She was charged with assaulting a police officer although she denies any assault took place. While in jail she repeatedly asked to have her injuries examined and documented and was fearful for her unborn child. The jail nurse said she didn’t want to get involved fearing for her own job.

No prenatal care was offered either. She was segregated because she was pregnant in an isolation cell where she slept on bare concrete and blankets and the lights were left on 24 hours a day. She was awakened every 15 not because she made any threats of self harm but because that was the procedure in the isolation cells. She remained there for 6 days and when released she immediately went to her OB/GYN. They were able to take pictures of her injuries still present 8 days after the attack.

They were also able to verify that these injuries were not present before as they saw her the day before the incident. They also documented that she lost weight while in captivity, not a good thing for a pregnant woman. She gave birth to another son soon after being released and once again CPS swooped in and confiscated the newborn at the hospital and placed him with a family member with severely restricted visits destroying the bonding and breastfeeding process. “

Despite all the horrific trauma her and her family have suffered, the abusive cop was found not guilty and the “Texas Rangers” whom investigated found that he, of course, acted with “reasonable force”.

Sheriff Randy Meeks announced shortly after that he had no plans of taking any disciplinary actions against the deputy who beat and punched Deanna. He added the cop is still reporting for his normal duties.  Of course, as he is one of “them”, the Sheriff has proudly (and sickeningly) announced he backs his deputy 100%.


There is no, absolutely NO reason or justification for beating a woman; ESPECIALLY when she is pregnant, AND what makes this even MORE evil is the cop TARGETED her stomach; her pregnant womb/stomach. To do that, you have really got to be a VERY SICK kind of evil.

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