URGENT! Please Help the Family of Nate Wilks Get the Truth!

We gotta try new approaches if we are to ever take back control of our own lives; especially those of young Black males. Please consider donating even $1.00 to the cause of raising money for an independent autopsy for Nate Wilks, who was shot to death only days before his 28th birthday. justice4natewilks

The autopsy conducted by the government of course contradicted everything the eye-witnesses testified to. Having law enforcement officials investigate fellow law enforcement officers in cases like this is the same as asking a gang member to judge and speak out in truth against his fellow brother. CLICK HERE TO GO TO DONATION SITE.

The cops will, if we are lucky, 1% of the time, find wrong doing to belong to officers. Independent investigations and autopsy’s are NEEDED but so is money. We need to unite; we need community; we need to all join and do anything we can… Even if it is just sharing this petition and raising awareness to this young man and his plight.

Please, do anything you can… Whatever you do, please do not remain silent…

What: Raise $5,000 to pay for an independent autopsy for Nathaniel Wilks, who was shot to death by Oakland police last week.

When: ASAP. We need to raise the funds in the NEXT FOUR DAYS–by Sunday, August 23rd. Sunday is the day before Nathaniel’s mother will return to NY and three days before what would have been Nate’s 28th birthday.

Why: On Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 27-year-old Nathaniel Wilks was shot and murdered by Oakland police at the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and 27th St. in Oakland, CA.

A team of Anti-Police Terror Project First Responders arrived at the intersection within half an hour of the shooting and spoke with over a dozen eye-witnesses. Every first-hand account has been consistent on this point: Nate was running away from the cops when he was shot.

In the week that has followed, however, Oakland Police Department (OPD) has done everything in their power to demonize Nate and to convince the community that the shooting was justified.  The release of an autopsy report within 24-hours that contradicts eye-witness accounts, as well as the screening of edited body-cam footage to media and the family are both unprecedented. OPD is trying to construct a case against Nate Wilks.

The only chance we have to learn the truth about what happened to Nate is to secure an independent autopsy for Nate’s family.  Autopsies are expensive, and Nate’s family is already overwhelmed with transportation and funeral costs to return Nate to New York to bury him.  This is where YOU come in.  We are humbly asking the community to donate today so we can raise the $5,000 necessary to pay for an independent autopsy and to find out the truth about Nate’s death. Let’s surround this family with #OaklandLove and help them get #justice4NateWilks.

Nathaniel Wilks was killed just 3 months after the birth of his baby daughter and just two weeks before he would have turned 28 years old. He is survived by his mother, his partner and his baby daughter Kal’lei. They should not have to worry about a lack of police transparency and the possibility of false accounts while mourning for their loved one. Please show your solidarity with Nate’s family by helping to make an independent autopsy possible. #Justice4NateWilks #BlackLivesMatter

You can help by spreading the word on social media. Every dollar helps. Click HERE to Contribute Even a Dollar, or Simply to ReShare…. THANK YOU…


2 thoughts on “URGENT! Please Help the Family of Nate Wilks Get the Truth!”

  1. I am angry that he was killed, but am glad to see that the fundraising goal was reached within enough time. I was part of the effort to raise funds after I saw it from @Cassandrarules. but I am trying to find out more about what happened to Nate and more recent news. what has happened since fundraising goal was reached? @biasedreporter

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