David Felix; Remember That Name…

April 25, 2015, the 24 year-old unarmed ‘Black’ man from Haiti; an activist and an aspiring fashion student living in NYC, was murdered by two veteran NYPD ‘detectives.’ It’s sickly ironic to me that they always seem to hit the good guys, maybe I’m just being paranoid; but anyone who is pro-community seems to be an even larger target. Is that just me?David Felix Murdered by NYPD
David was a very popular and welcomed face among the homeless and the runaway youth community here in New York City. Social and legal providers alike knew David Felix to be a man with a beautiful heart; the loving, giving first generation immigrant was welcomed into New York City with open arms because of his good nature, his pure spirit and beautiful heart.
He had a passion of caring for those who needed it the most; hurting a soul was the last thing I can imagine David Felix would have ever thought of. He is the kind of man this world needs more of; not just man, but soul. But the NYPD do not want to see that; especially from a Black male so you know what tragically happens next.
It was on June 10th of this year that an op-ed article was written entitled “David Felix: Jailed by an Unjust System, Failed by City Services, Killed by Police”
What brings bitter, HURT and angry tears to my eyes is not only his uncalled for murder, it is not only the fact that his killers are walking around freely now; it is not only that they stole a beautiful and rare soul from this earth; it is ALL OF THAT combined with the fact that the Medical Examiner along with, I’m sure, the rest of the local government officials, didn’t bother getting around to this young man and his body struck with bullets for two weeks.
While the initial reports spewed by mainstream, for-profit media all blamed and criminalized the innocent, unarmed Black male as the true criminal; when in actuality (as usual) it turned out to really be the cops. Who else is NOT shocked!?

TWO WEEKS IS UNACCEPTABLE! This is what I’m trying to tell you white people who say that police brutality and killing isn’t racist because it happens to white people too. Yes, it may happen, but again, not at the same rate; and I don’t know of ONE CASE where a white man or woman has laid dead, the bullet(s) still puncturing the wounded body for TWO WEEKS before a medical examination and autopsy was conducted.

If you cannot see a massive, massive double standard there, then you might as well walk away from this post right now for I have NOTHING to speak of with you.

Though there have been so many killings lately it is hard to keep up with names (I am bad with names anyway), I don’t think I was aware of Mr. David Felix. His family, supported by Streetwise and Safe- a non profit organization (see below), are looking to raise funds for David’s family. Please check it out or spread the word, at least spread the word. Black men, unarmed are being murdered left and right.

And if a Black man has a gun to use in self defense; why is that a big deal? Every one should have a gun for self defense; especially Black men. The government should understand that, respect it and make it mandatory if nothing else given how twisted these cops are. Point is, I don’t wanna hear no body else talking about other victims of police killings saying “oh but that guy did have a gun!” Well, hell, of course he did! What would YOU do if you couldn’t even walk down the block without the cops harassing you and/or potentially taking your life!?

Again, as I always say, WE GOT TO DO SOMETHING!

Fundraiser started by the below organization can be found here, the following quote is from that same organization.

“David’s truth is that he was a loving, vibrant soul. And another Black life lost to our militarized police state, institutional white supremacy, the prison industrial complex, and a country whose political leadership ignores mental health and homelessness.

Streetwise and Safe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Any contribution will be used solely to cover the costs of David’s burial and his family’s attendance. Any contribution in excess of this amount will be paid out directly to David’s family to support them during this difficult time.