Autopsy Of Mentally Ill Black Man Shows LAPD Shot Him In Back

Of course this sickens me beyond words; but what sickens me even more, this is not a one time thing, and all the attention the FEW cases of cops killing don’t even begin to scratch the tip of the iceberg… This isn’t an isolated case – and even if it were that would be bad enough- but actually this is not an uncommon theme among victims of police killers. All of those who care keep demanding something must be done about how police are allowed to kill and get away with it- which is a disgrace and a slap in the face as well as salt in the wound to anyone with intelligence and love for humanity. We really gotta do something; keep fighting back… Protest if nothing else, or educate others… Change CAN happen… But we gotta fight for it..

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The autopsy stated that the shot to Ezell Ford’s back and another to his abdomen were fatal, according to the TV station. The wound on his back revealed a muzzle imprint from the gun, suggesting the shot was fired at close range, the station reported.

Several witnesses said Ford was face down on the ground when he was shot, the station reported. But police said he was killed while resisting arrest and had “grabbed the officer’s handgun and attempted to remove the gun from its holster.”

“The officer yelled out to his partner that Mr. Ford had his gun. The officer’s partner then fired two rounds striking Mr. Ford,” the LAPD…

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