Police Have Never Been Trained for Equality or Merit Towards All People

I support the right for every American to have at least one gun; and I support having the right to self defense against police; cops are no different than the citizens they claim to serve and protect. Actually, they are. They are public servants, allegedly, here to protect the people from harm and wrong. They are supposed to be the peace keepers, the ones you call in times of crisis; safety and the ‘good guys’. In addition, they should be held to higher punitive standards.

Yet in America even when the first “Police/Sheriff” squad was founded it was not founded based on those principles…at least not for equally. After slavery ‘ended’ in the South police, more or less, became the new ‘title’ for what previously was known as the ‘overseer’. Meaning, keeping Blacks oppressed and whites ‘safe’. Itamir ricen the Northern parts of America Police mainly focused on petty crimes such as public drunkenness.

As years have passed, little has changed except the sickness has grown worse.

Yet despite the history of cops, despite the present day killings and brutalities, somehow too many people look at them as heroes whom are putting their life “on the line” for America and safety. Sure, there are a few cops that I think highly of. One in California, for example, who has gone out of his way to save countless people from jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge to their demise. But those cops are the minority.

After slavery, Jim Crow laws
came into effect. Historians estimate from the late 19th and early 20th centuries 2-5 Black people were lynched just in the South alone and this estimate doesn’t include other methods they had their lives stolen.

Today, studies reveal every 28 hours a Black life is taken by a cop. Additionally, a 7 year study leading up to 2012 proved every 3-4 days a Black person was killed by a Black cop. This study is not complete, as not all states agreed to give details and there is no law demanding they even keep records of police killings. (It shouldn’t have to become a law for them to do the moral thing…)

Look at those numbers, and compare with them with just the lynchings alone from during the Jim Crow era…

Now, two cops were recently killed in Brooklyn, NY, and the Police Union as well as cops all over reacted with rage; demanding protestors stop protesting until the officers were buried. They spoke about the families of the deceased cops during this time of mourning; and then went on to blame the protestor of police brutality for their deaths.

What about the grieving over all of the people the cops have killed? What about their families? What about Tamir Rice? Michael Brown? Or the thousands that don’t make mainstream media?

I refuse to repeat the outrageous, sick, degrading and vile song sang at the officers funeral mocking Michael Brown’s death. I refuse to post photos of the NYPD wearing their disgusting “I can breathe” shirts (disrespecting and mocking Eric Garner’s last words of “I can’t breathe”). If you want to see either, google them. I don’t want that filth on my page.

So we are supposed to respect the police, turn the other cheek and allow them to beat and kill countless people because they got a badge? I refuse that. The beatings and killings must stop. If a cop is truly good, he’ll work on breaking that blue shield.

We’ve been asking for equality and equal treatment of all people for decades upon decades. If we want change, we gotta take a new method. I don’t support violence, but they are the violent ones en masse, we’ve asked peacefully for so long; lives are being beaten and stolen, the majority never receiving mainstream media attention. How can you know this and still sleep?

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