Is There Any Hope Left? -Regarding Police Brutality …

Whether this society is hopeless or not doesn’t matter. If this society is damned, then that doesn’t mean we must allow it to defeat the good within us, we shouldn’t bow down to sickness even if the sickness will never end. But it can end. And I know how. I know why I have hope.

No matter how evil, racist, sexist and hate filled this society is, I will be more so. Love conquers all, and I can and do love enough to hate (Slipknot reference, sorry). I refuse to let hope slide away. If there is no more hope for humanity, trying to save it may be pointless, but one thing each and every one of us can do, hopeless or not, is at least fight back against those who are doing inhumane things. Comfort those who need it; speak out for those who cannot or will not.

childAnother 12 year old child was murdered on video, Tamir Rice (I say another because he is not the first and I fear he will not be the last). I watched him, somehow I connected with him in a way I rarely do with anyone. I felt his innocence, I saw his humanity, his good soul; and I saw it stolen for no reason in under 2 seconds upon police arrival.

Then I see that the cop who blatantly killed Eric Garner in that choke hold (video available for this also) has been cleared… while the one who video-taped it was indicted. Why are we not rioting in the streets more? Is this what it means for society to lose all hope? To stop fighting? Because we are letting murder, blatant murder, go on and the murderers go unpunished. Why is society not revolting? Why are more people not outraged? Giving up hope on society is one thing; silencing yourself is another.

Silencing yourself puts you on their side. That’s what they want; silence.

The first man I saw killed -in person- by cops was killed while hog tied. He died of suffocation while the police talked and laughed around him. And his death, too, was caught on video. No charges.

Then after the Ferguson decision, I see this…

ferguson michael brown vonderrick myers shot 16 times sandwich st louis policeSeriously? How are they going to justify this one? Thought it was a gun, again, did you? That can only work for so long. We as a people are looking like fools.

What enrages me is people want to bring up Black on Black violence. Yes, it is a horrific issue, trust me, god I know. But that has nothing to do with the police killing innocent people. The rate at which Black on Black violence is killing Black youth is traumatic to even think about; but it does not make police joining in right. They have no right to take a life; of any color, but they are focusing on the communities that most of you want to ignore.

And it’s working.

The CIA and FBI have released document admitting to their racial “cleansing” through the War on Drugs and the ghettos and projects. The government has said, yea, we did it, what now? What now?

It is tragic when anyone dies, but when the police are the ones doing the killing there is no one we can trust but ourselves. Kids I speak to talk about their fear of growing up because they are Black; do you know how heart breaking it is to hear that? What if that was your child, but put into a situation that you can understand if you can’t understand -for whatever reason- the tragedy above that these young kids face?

How do you comfort a child who is afraid to leave their house because they are Black? What is a better question is why are we having to comfort children for no reason ? Why should kids have this fear? I hate bringing abortion into this but I’m sick of people who use the term “pro-life” then do nothing to help out those who need help with life against those who are killing and stealing LIFE.  That’s not pro-life; that’s selective choice, and anti-choice.

But all the information Fox News and all other channels feed you with you take to heart without looking for yourself. Do your own investigating. No for-profit, government monitored channel is going to be ‘fair and balanced’.

The media want to have you more outraged over a few Footballers supporting the “hands up don’t shoot” movement than the real issues. The killings of innocence, the injustice system, and they are supposed to apologize? I wouldn’t dare utter an apology! We need people in positions of fame to speak out. They know that. That’s why they want to silence them. When the below photo outrages you more than the deaths of innocence, you know you have no soul.

hand up don't shootIf society is so heartless to not be outraged at the few deaths that have made it to national media (not mentioning or speaking of all those that sadly haven’t), maybe it is a hopeless world to save. But fighting back whether the fight is hopeless or not is what determines who you are as a person, and it also determines what really is and is not hopeless. We make it hopeless or hopeful by how we act, by who we are and by what we as a collective society allow.

Hope… It can happen in the blink of an eye. The photo to the right is proof… Change is possible, hope is possible… But it starts within me and it starts within you.

You just have to be willing to be “crazy” enough to stand up alone for awhile, for what you KNOW is right. “Crazy” enough to not be afraid to fight back against an injustice system that needs to be changed dramatically. You need to realize life is bigger than just you, and care for fellow mankind.